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Monday, May 30, 2005

What is the BlogPoll? It's a college football poll run and voted on by sports bloggers. No fooling! The goal of the BlogPoll is to collect information from a slew of different eyes and compile it into a poll more just and accurate than the AP or coaches poll... but probably just the same if we're being honest.

We are more fun, though, and we do have an open, totally transparent system that attempts to reveal our voters' biases and deal with them instead. We also have some killer one-liners.

More information can be found below:

  • If you have a sports blog and are interested in joining, check out the New Voter Guide.
  • If you would like to see the Comprehensive Voter List, click here.
  • If you are a media member or a supermodel looking for information or a good time, email Brian here.
  • If you just want to read everything people have written, move your eyes down the page a little bit.
A little bit more.

(a note: Haloscan comments pretend that they aren't there after a few weeks, but don't be fooled. That "(0)" is only for show. Click for a wealth of petty bickering unseen in many an age.)
Question #1 / Roundup #1
Question #2 / Roundup #2
Question #3 / Roundup #3
Question #4 / Roundup #4
Official 2005 Preseason Rank Question / Roundup
Question #6
Question #7 / Roundup #7
Question #8 / Roundup #8

Meta Poll Discussion
Direction Discussion
Navel Gazing 1.0
Direction Discussion #2

General Data Mining
You can check a grid of all the voters and their submitted ballots at the Super Voter Grid. Click on the checkmarks to see the specific ballot in question. You can also check out the Team Grid to see the spread of each team's votes.

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Week 5

Pick Six (hosted by BGS).
CFB Pick 'Em.

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