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Monday, May 09, 2005

BuckeyePlanet tracks OSU recruiting like a hawk with OCD, which is always handy when Michigan goes up against the Bucks for a recruit. As per usual, the two rivals are battling for a number of recruits, and one of the most important is Justin Boren. Boren is the top offensive lineman in Ohio and the state's second-ranked player overall according to Rivals. Reading the tea leaves over there... well, let's let them say it. Nevadabuck qualifies as an insider over there. Here's Nevadabuck on 2/23:

Boren will be a Buckeye.
just rehashing what I've been saying for over two months...Boren will be a Buckeye...
do you think I'm just guessing??? LOL
any more doubters out there?? LOL My info is pretty solid......
(and yes, this was a feeble attempt to boost my flagging post count)
well thanks for insuring that I won't be thrown off the site if a 18 year old kid changes his mind.....LOL
I'll stand by my predictions(they are A LOT more than just informed guesses--but I guess inside info does have its privileges, doesn't it???)
I think my "batting average" with these kids speaks for itself...LOL
Boren will be a Buckeye.
I will state on April 25th at 8:10 pm Pacific Time that Boren will be a Buckeye--
This is a very very savvy young man who is also looking at life after football---and is there ANY better business position to be in, living in Columbus, then ex-OSU football player???
He is well aware of this fact, and will make the right decision.
Then, Rivals100 posted an article on Boren($) today that sent BuckeyePlanet into a tizzy.

Hey, NevadaBuck... how do you feel today?
I'm trying to decipher between what might have been said publically(ala Farrell) with what might have been said privately--
its not exactly jiving....
What's that? A classic "insider CYA" post? What happened to "Boren will be a Buckeye LOL LOL I am so 31337"? Read between the lines, kids... Boren won't be a Buckeye. Boren is only considering one other school: Michigan.

Is this a big deal? Yes. My recruit Spidey-sense tells me that Boren is the kind of kid who can come in, redshirt, and then start for four years like Jake Long. Michigan's interior line is a crowded place for the next few years but Boren might be the best prospect of all of them. Boren--son of Mike Boren, who was a LB for Bo in the 80s--was on Rivals' initial top 50 list and will probably stay there after doing 40 reps of a Honda Civic at the AA Nike Camp. He'll definitely be ranked as one of the top five interior linemen in the country--maybe number one. To boot, his little brother is 7'8", 450 pounds. Or something like that. He's a big dude.

Celebrate, for recruitin' news has come again.

(Thanks to reader TheMile for the tip.)

Update: NevadaBuck's latest: "Just got off a phone call that was not the least bit encouraging..."

Also, another site-moderator type guy called Boren and interviewed him tonight: "In my opinion, it seems that this great lineman is going to follow in his fathers footsteps and play for Michigan."

The recruiting board has been updated.