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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Softball mowed down Washington yesterday 4-1. Uberace Jennie Ritter had a no-hitter going through six and a third innings before giving up a home run. The one-run one-hitter actually raised her ERA. Check out highlights here. Game 2 is today at 2 PM on CSTV.

Marlin Jackson is getting sued for $10 million dollars for being drafted in the first round. Er. I mean for that bottle incident over a year ago. I don't think the lawsuit will do anything except prove that one Shahin Farokhrany is an idiot not only for pissing off a 200-plus pound football player but also for this:

"Farokhrany also told reporters after the 2003 hearing that he didn't suffer any permanent damage to his vision and would not pursue civil action against Jackson."
Nice work.

The good vibes on FL QB Tim Tebow continue. The latest is an article from that has this brief blurb at the bottom:
"Not that this is a sign of the eventual outcome, but Nease High football coach Craig Howard says the school that has most impressed him in the recruitment of star quarterback Tim Tebow is Michigan, citing the work of UM quarterback coach Scott Loeffler. Something to keep in mind: when Michigan beat out Penn State for the services of current starter Chad Henne, an eastern Pennsylvania native, Henne cited his relationship with Loeffler as a key factor in signing with the Wolverines."

(HT: poster TheMadWolverine on Rivals.)

Somehow I ended up at the website of the Maynard Institute, which appears to be the nation's leader when it comes to hectoring newspapers to hire more minorities. I mention it partially because "Richard Prince's Journal-isms" mentions that Terry Foster may declare bankruptcy. But mostly I mention it because it has this hilarious little note at the end of it: "The words in blue (on most computers) are links leading to more information." (emphasis in original).