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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Apparently you can throw Georgia QB David Cone on the commit pile tomorrow. See for yourself:

"I need to talk it over with my family and my coach, but it looks like I'll be calling Coach Loeffler tomorrow to commit," Cone said. "I really like the academic and athletic reputation of Michigan, it's a great school."
mgoblog is stunned by this turn of events and not quite sure what to think. Cone's offer list looks like a guy who commits to Michigan State, not Michigan: Mississippi State, Ball State, Eastern Kentucky.

Michigan is still after vast huge name Tim Tebow. Some people believe that Michigan is leading. So why risk alienating Tebow like Florida did when it accepted TX QB Jevan Snead's commitment? If Cone was marginal or likely to stay under the radar, there would be no reason at all, especially in a year where Michigan has been very stingy with quarterback offers. mgoblog's conclusion is that Cone blew the doors off at camp. An occasional emailer who spars with me about Tom Lemming seems to have connections and claims that Cone outperformed fellow campers (and Rivals100 members) Neil Caudle and Pat Devlin. Is that true? It seems plausible at least.

So, uh, there it is. Cone must have been very impressive in camp. A lot of cojones for Loeffler to put his eggs in the baskets of Jason Forcier, who had one year in a passing offense, and Cone, who runs the wishbone and threw for only 1,015 yards last year if Michigan only takes one quarterback this year.

Another thing... I don't know how much credibility to lend this, especially because it originates from what is unquestionably the ugliest blog I've ever seen, but it was posted July 25th and predicts commitments from Patilla, Mixon, and Parris, plus somewhat shakier pronouncements on ultrasleeper Scott Szpyrka, Cone, and Rivals 100 member AJ Wallace. Mixon's intentions were publically known on the 25th, but to my knowledge the first Rivals/Scout indications of a Parris offer were on Rivals on the 26th, and absolutely nobody without connections to Michigan's camp had heard anything about Szpyrka until a note popped up on GBW on the 26th. So they're 3/6 on commitments already and predicted a Parris offer that came to fruition... it looks pretty legit to me. Hope it continues to be legit because Wallace is an important CB recruit.