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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The NHL will play again next year... probably. I'm not sure who caved on what here or exactly what's going on, but the end result looks weird. There will be a salary cap linked to team revenues, not league revenues like the NBA and NFL. Essentially, each team's revenue will create a range of acceptable player compensation levels. The Globe and Mail suggests that the first year caps will range from 36 to 34 million dollars and floors will range from 24 to 22 million dollars. Any team exceeding the midpoint of their range will pay a dollar-for-dollar luxury tax to be distributed to low-income teams.

Who won? Looks like the owners. Brendan Morrison says so, anyway. There's still a lot to be hammered out but NHL salaries will be drastically cut under every scenario out there. Good for me I guess... go Oilers and all. Not so good for Ken Holland.

This constitutes Day 1 of the Adios Montoya Watch, by the way. We should get a pool going.

Update: Bob McKenzie explores the strangeness of that Globe And Mail story. I agree with him. Something's fishy here.