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Thursday, June 09, 2005

If the whole football thing doesn't work out, it looks like Braylon Edwards has a future as a cult leader. In that IGN interview he also gives props to Techmo Bowl and Super Techmo Bowl. mgoblog, of course, thinks that Super Techmo Bowl is the most revolutionary sports video game of all time and at one point had memorized the name, team, position, and relative suckiness of every non-offensive lineman in the game, including fifth-string wide receivers.

On second thought, I probably shouldn't have mentioned that.

Boy, does Every Day Should Be Saturday know how to suck up to a newly-exposed fanbase. They're all over Tressel hiring Butch Reynolds as OSU's S&C coach. Reynolds was banned from track and field events for two years for steroid use, so he'll fit right in.

Miami (Florida) is Michigan's opponent in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge this year.

Softball, greatly aided by Richard Dean Anderson and his sexy, sexy moustache, is national champs. Check out all this stuff about it. Also scroll down for some weirdness.

Update: Reynolds' positive test was apparently the subject of much controversy. (HT: Ufer's Spirt via adam on WH.)

Update II: dillonpgp has the transcript of Lloyd's BEAT UCLA!!! memo on the Wolverine Den. One "outstanding," one "excited," no "tremendous."