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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sweet Jesus. Yes, 3:10 AM + Work == A Bad Time.

I had a complex about NCAA 2005. Bitching about it was like proclaiming the Emperor to be nekkid; what if others could pass at will and find open receivers? What if others returned a kick for a touchdown even once? What if everyone else in the entire world had a running game that did not consist of breaking every run in the playbook off tackle? What if I just sucked?

Bitch, I don't suck. You suck, NCAA 2005! You suck! Festering garbage heap! No-throwy option ridiculousness! BURN BURN BURN.

Love you, NCAA 2006. Love your back juke and sensible X-always-sprints thinking and your effective interior runs and the fact that people are open sometimes and that I beat Northern Illinois (with Northwestern, mind you) 48-41 and there were no balls batted around 800 times and when I threw an interception I knew it and the computer could actually play offense and not sit around overthrowing screens (WHICH WORK) and failing to run utterly. Probably like inseason recruiting a lot, couldn't care less about racing for the Heisman, ecstatic that there are drills now, want to hug and caress and love you and forget all about 2005, bad game, bad year, smelly game.

Do not love the fact that I zombie. Ees too no sleep. My ow.