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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Al Montoya will sign with the Rangers in the very near future. So says the New York Daily News:

The Rangers are nearing agreements on three-year contracts with Al Montoya and Hugh Jessiman that will enable the 2004 and 2003 first-round picks to turn pro and join the organization this season.
So says the New York Post:
Al Montoya, the 20-year-old Michigan goaltender whom the Rangers selected sixth overall in 2004, is closing in on a contract agreement with the club, The Post has learned.
So says Michael Spath:
Very succinct, Mr. Spath.

It's telling that when I read the "uh-oh" from Spath my immediate thought was "ohgodnotTambellini". I am totally nonchalant about Montoya's departure. As I've noted before, Montoya was terrible last year (I promise this is not sour grapes, I've annoyingly harped on this before) and would likely have been just as bored and soft-goal prone this year. Good luck in the NHL, Al. I suggest keeping the black thing out of the net, though I know you love the red flashy sound.

So. Sauer or Jakiel? Dunno. Do know that whoever is Michigan's goalie next year will have some wickedly skilled players coming in with him. Jack Johnson is the subject of an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in which he compares himself to Vladimir Konstantinov. Yes please.

And sometimes controversial Red Line Report guru Kyle Woodlief had this to say about Andrew Cogliano:
Ajax, Ont.: When will Andrew Cogliano go?

Kyle Woodlief: I've been waiting for someone to ask this. I think he'll go right around #20 overall, despite the fact he's only 5-9, 173 pounds (which tells you a bit about how good he is). He is, bar none, the fastest skater in this entire draft class, and has loads of skill with the puck. He is exactly the type of player who will be helped if the NHL clamps down on obstruction and opens up the game. In fact, if a team were absolutely convinced that the NHL will truly become a more wide-open, offensive league, I would not consider it far-fetched to see someone jump up and grab him in the top 10, though it's not likely.
A player of Cogliano's make and model being a first round pick in the size-valuing NHL translates to a hell of a lot of goals in college. I cannot wait to see either of these guys.

(HT: Michigan Hockey Net.)

Update: More on Johnson from the Ottawa Citizen.