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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Forty times are bunk and this article pointed out by EDSBS makes an excellent case against them. This is what you can tell from a 40 time: whether or not he was faster than the people running on the same day as he was at the same place. If it was electronically timed.

I've never understood why the shuttle (or a modified version thereof) isn't the primary "are you fast" statistic, since routes and cuts are the essence of football, not running in a straight line really fast. But I'm just a dude, so maybe there is indeed a good reason.

Notre Dame defensive lineman Travis Liekto is academically ineligible and thus not on the ND roster. Lietko was a big time recruit... and a huge bust, but still was a decent player expected to be the third DE this year on Notre Dame's thin defensive line.

Charlie Weis took the opportunity to again confirm that he's an egomaniac:

At every university there's going to be some things that are better left unsaid. Unlike a lot of other universities who like to make everything their business, there's a lot of private matters (at ND), and it doesn't really do any good talking about it.
Jesus. Not literally, Charlie.

Though markedly inferior to mgoblog's upcoming All Big Ten teams, Athlon's version of same are worth mentioning. Michigan players found therein:
  • First Team: Mike Hart, Jake Long (good on yer, Athlon!), Gabe Watson.
  • Second Team: Steve Breaston, Jason Avant, Tim Massaquoi, Matt Lentz, Pat Massey, Lamarr Woodley (listed at LB), Leon Hall, Garrett Rivas, Steve Breaston (again, as PR).
  • Third Team: Chad Henne.
For those that refuse to count, that's 12 players, fully half the starters if you count kickers.

Update: Doh. Forgot to point out Straight Bangin's awards dispensal for roundtable #3. Yes, I seriously doubt that "dispensal" is a word.