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Monday, July 25, 2005

Rammer Jammer... er... um...

No surprise that it was Boi From Troy all over this breaking story from Gawker:

There they are folks, your ideals: Crossword editor Will Shortz is the Timesman you love for his brain, and Styles reporter Warren St. John is the Timesman you love for his body.
mgoblog will admit that when I saw St. John's picture on his website I had two immediate reactions:
  1. This guy is from Alabama?
  2. This guy IS A WRITER!?
There's something there, folks. Something as hot and steamy as the Vandy game from RJYH. (For more on RJYH, check the review/demand that you buy the book here.)

How did I post on this before the ever-puerile EDSBS? I dunno. But in your face, Orson!