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Monday, August 08, 2005

Okay, kids... we are a single week away from the opening of the first official BlogPoll Ballot Box. In attempting to assemble my first ballot I came across a heinous problem: I have no idea where most teams outside of the Big Ten should be ranked. I've got very strong opinions about approximately 8-10 teams. The rest? No idea. I'm guessing this is a common problem, and since the number one goal of the BlogPoll is to form a sort of college football hive mind, I'm looking to everyone else for answers.

So here it is, this week's Roundtable. One question that isn't really a question. Answer it as many times as you like:

Tell the world where the teams you know the most about should be ranked and why.

Emphasis on the why: give us some analysis. If there's a team that keeps getting ranked by preseason publications/pundits, etc., that you think shouldn't be ranked at all, that's fair game. Fans of non-BCS schools are welcome to rail against the system. The results here are going to affect my ballot; I hope it affects everyone else's.