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Monday, August 22, 2005

The new "Harris Interactive" poll has released its list of 114 voters(AR). (HT to Sporting Fools). Voters who jump out at me fall into one of three categories:

Disgraced Cheaters
Lou Holtz
Andy Geiger
George Perles

Has-Been Coaches
John Mackovic
Gerry DiNardo
Earle Bruce
Bump Elliott(!)

You've Got To Be Kidding
Rocket Ismail (Did this guy legally change his name or something?)
Terry Bradshaw
Pat Haden

The average age of the voters who aren't ex-players I wouldn't trust to add two and two together appears to be 145. mgoblog's projected top five:

  1. Notre Dame
  2. Army
  3. Colonial Williamsburg
  4. Jamestown University
  5. Tippecanoe and Tyler too!
Watch out for the Williamsburgians. Only half of them died from smallpox last winter.