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Thursday, August 25, 2005

ESPN Bruce seems to be getting his slappin' arm limber($):

They say the antiquated SEC way can't cope with these polished-up diversified schemes. Their heads will be spinning, they predict. They point to long-time Pac-10 offensive coordinator Al Borges' arrival at Auburn before last year as Exhibit A. ... And now, they predict Phase II is about to begin: Urban Legend and his glossy spread option!!! The media has also hopped on board. This has sparked a very heated, and often comical debate. In truth, it's somewhere between the Moneyball vs. Scouts beef and the great Moors/Moops debate.
Dayum! In a nutshell:
But I'm not buying the notion that the SEC is full of a bunch of cavemen with whistles around their necks, and therefore I'm a little skeptical of the takeover theory.
I give him two weeks before he calls someone shallow and facile.

(FTR: It's Moops.)