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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Okay, I've finally reached my rumor tipping point on a possible injury.

It's very likely that Tim Massaquoi is out for Notre Dame and possibly a long while afterward... like the season. Possibly a wrist injury. Michigan internets are also in some hardcore panic (yo) about the possibility of both Hart and Kolodziej also being out, but my read on the situation is that those rumors are probably false.

If Massaquoi is inded hurt Tyler Ecker will step forward and promising freshman Mike Massey will start getting more extensive playing time. Though Ecker is certainly capable, a Massaquoi loss will affect the offense as there were quite a few two tight ends sets being run against NIU. We may see more FB or three WR sets from here on out unless Massey really asserts himself.

Robocop is certainly taking some hits.