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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Okay. A few Irish fans raised on a lot of X-Files asked for the whole controversial play, so here it is (QED, MFer). It's thoroughly unexciting, just a bunch of watching people in the pile. It is also 40 megs. Unless you are really interested I'd skip it.

Many accusations of whining and being a "typical Michigan fan who never gets beat" were levelled, quite unfairly in my opinion. I think the video shows that at the very least that play should have been reviewed and to non-crazy people clearly shows a touchdown. The refs screwed up, the end result hurt Michigan, and that pisses me off. It is a reason we lost. It is not the reason, nor is it particularly high on the list of reasons (amongst the more prominent: Space Henne, Walker, the ND coaches mercilessly exploiting a blitz-pickup weakness). Not once did I say anything along the lines of "the refs beat us," though I obviously failed to clarify my position. It's clarified now, so there you have it.

This is the last word I'll speak on the matter; it's in the past, except for the UFR offense review which is in the past to me but in the future to you, so the play notes will say something like AAAARGH or some such thing. Because it's aaargh-worthy, you know. Total aaargh.

A note: I'm just going to delete anything that is even the slightest bit inflammatory off this post, no matter who the poster supports. Nuts to you if you don't like it. Nuts I say.