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Monday, September 12, 2005

And now the blogletting begins. If you're looking for recriminations in your media aftermath, the blogosphere is the place for you. MSR gets his nihilism on. EDSBS liveblogged the thing. (side note: "2:35 CST Stranko: Notre Dame’s lack of [CENSORED*] is making this interesting… and the refs just missed some pass interference on Manningham. MGoBlog must be going nuts."... momentarily, yes, but I don't think that ball was catchable. Sort of a moment when you scream at the refs just because you need to scream at someone.)

*(a term that is banned on mgoblog. Hint: shares name with somewhat popular old punchy-kicky game, abbrev "KI".)

Yost Built brings up the review situation. The issue: why did the first sneak not get reviewed? The amazing technology of one of the guys at the Wolverine taking pictures of his television shows this:

That appears to be a touchdown. At the very least it appears to be close enough to check, you know, in case something totally disastrous happens on the next play. Yost Built also denounces the bottle-throwing by the students, which I fully agree with, though I think this is a smaller deal than some would have you believe.

IBFC chips in with some rationality and also points out the strange non-catching going on with Steve Breaston, who's had five opportunities to catch deep balls in the first two games and has not succeeded yet. He's getting open, sometimes by yards, and Henne is putting it there, but to no avail.

Speaking of Henne, both Big House Football and Rob in Madtown discuss his, um, performance on Saturday. Personally, I didn't notice Henne playing terribly during the game. I was focused more on the offensive line; review will clarify things. Joey hasn't checked in yet. Hopefully someone close to him removed all belts and shoelaces from his immediate vicinity. He did mention that he co-signs this "Open Letter to Lloyd Carr" from the Daily.

Give me my ESSENCE back! I'm pretty sure this isn't particularly funny and I know I don't USE ALL CAPS unless I am being OMG SARCASTIC, but since I'm a little close to the situation, I leave it for the reader to decide (copied in whole in case there's another NDNation purge):

Tomorrow the MIGHTY FIGHTING IRISH of the MOST REVERED COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM IN HISTORY plays the Michigan Wolverines, who lay claim to many titles and coveted academic awards, but the CORNHOLIOS of YOST will not prevail even in their own stadium.

Knute K. Rockne of VOSS, NORWAY, a town renowned for providing famous COLLEGE LEGENDS to America, provided a foundation upon which the HOUSE OF ROCK was built. Michigan fell to the Irish last season and will bow to their masters again this year, THE BLUE AND GOLD warriors, whose loyalty to the GOLD HELMETS and their new head coach, arguably the SMARTEST LIVING HEAD COACH IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME outside of the living legend ARA PARSEGHIAN, will be outlined against a gloriously clear SEPTEMBER SKY, but raindrops will be falling from WOLVERINE eyes in great number, a VERITABLE DELUGE of angry, bitter tears of rage. TEARS OF RAGE!!!

It will not take long tomorrow for MIGHTY NOTRE DAME to overcome the home field ADVANTAGE and find Fasano, Samardzija and OTHERS in the end zone for 6. NOTRE DAME’S running backs, including the stealth runner darIOUs Walker and rashon pOWers neal will BRUISE and cruise at will in the Michigan secondary.

Fear not, Wolverines, the IRISH will spare your women and children and will allow YOU to keep your homes. But they will be RANSACKED and your fields will be burned.

It will be a LONG and BITTER WINTER this year in Ann Arbor. The arbor will be DENUDED and Ann will have no shade come spring and the long hot SUMMER of her DISCOntent.

- Yours in Victory, MGOND (aka mkovac)
Immediate critiques: first of all, there are no colons-- be they full- or semi- -- at all, let alone enough to choke Charlie Weis a water buffalo. Nor are there any ridiculously long parentheticals. A faked-out em dash (--) appears not at all. Nor are there any short chatty sentences. Everything is long and meandering; I usually switch between that annoying style and a short, choppy annoying style in a feeble attempt to cloak my deficiency with the language. The whole thing kind of reads like the intellectual fronts put up by... (brain reaching towards abort button, screaming NOOOOOO, making it just in the nick of time) nobody in particular, words full of sound and fury, etc., that seem somehow hollow, like the person producing them is talking in a style that approximates their idea of what intellectual discourse sounds like, whereas I actually talk like this, as hard as that may be to believe.

Garnered two replies. The first: "Well done... totally captured the essence of the man," which like sucks because you know I gots to have my 40 of essence for the game. And then there's the second, which sums up NDNation absolutely perfectly: "Awesome... Such tripe from our side is welcomed. Seems much more tolerable when you fit in the Irish into his rants." Someone should send that to the head lunatic in a frame or something.

I was going to taunt him for trying to go big and obscure with the verbiage and coming up with like, "denuded" and "deluge" and "veritable," but then I thought that was best kept to myself (OMG IRONY (OMG RECURSIVE IRONY (OMG!))).

Update: Apparently the reason it's not a very good parody of me is because it's not a parody of me at all. Rather, it's a parody of another mgo-appended personality who flames with regularity on NDNation. Typical Michigan arrogance of me to assume otherwise.