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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

1GO10RunMartin8Nice blocking by Thompson, taking out two Eagles.
Drive Notes: Not much to say. It's Eastern. I do think Martin looks pretty good here.
110O20RunMartin8Martin makes a nice read here, cutting up into the hole as soon as it opens. Kraus gets enough of the EMU linebacker to give him the lane.
22O12RunMartin2This is a really nice run, actually, as Henige gets beat and his man is right in the hole, as is a blitzing linebacker. Could have been a loss of 4.
1GO10RunMartin10Touchdown. Again a couple of nice cuts. Martin seems to understand his blocking pretty well.
Drive Notes: See previous drive.
110O49Pass Breaston8One of those long handoffs to a WR. The route is stop and wait for the pass.
22O41RunGrady3Not much push from the line, but Grady leaps and spins for the first... his YAC ability is closely related to his fumbling, I think.
110O38Pass AvantIncAvant is wide open and Henne misses him. Nice triple route to the left that Henne reads correctly, though.
210O38Pass Breaston11Breaston makes 3 after the catch by cutting inside the corner. Henne sort of sidearms this, disturbingly.
110O27Pass Avant13Easy, easy short pass where Avant is wide open. They're on the 27 and giving a 10 yard cushion.
110O14Pass Avant14Touchdown. Henne gets nailed as he releases this due to miscommunication between Mitchell and Riley, who fail to block the DT. That's on Mitchell, who doubles the other DT even though Riley clearly has the responsbility to take the DE.
Drive notes: Well, 4/5 for Henne here. All I remembered from the game here was the badly missed Avant. There's no coverage at all, so it doesn't mean much.
110M33PassAvant8Long handoff. EMU is all like way back and stuff.
22M41RunJackson5Jackson looks quick.
110M46RunJackson2This another missed block by Mitchell, who just sort of runs at the DE without engaging him. He's not ready.
28M48Pass BassIncThis looks like a bad pass from Henne but postgame someone mentioned that Bass rounded his route off and was in the wrong place when the pass was thrown, which I buy given the location of the pass.
38M48Pass BassIncBall was there but not well thrown and Bass dropped it. Would have been short anyway. Major problem with the play, though, is Riley, who gets beaten badly by the DE, who hurries the throw even though Riley held him.
Drive Notes: First disturbing play from Riley on the day, who had trouble with the EMU DE.
110O40RunMartin7Another sweep, facilitated by a nice block from Paul.
23O33Run Martin4Mostly just crushing blocking here. Ball pops out when Martin hits the ground--not what the coaches wanted to see, even though it wasn't a fumble.
110O29Pass Avant3Long handoff is well defended this time.
27O26Pass Avant26Touchdown.I mean, it's nice and all, but so easy that it probably doesn't mean anything. Avant's open by a couple yards.
Drive Notes: Like the NIU game, the running game is unexplosive but very steady. The coaches must like Martin's vision and cuts, because they keep giving him the zone stretch play that Terrell Davis made famous and Fred Russell drove me nuts with.
110M39Pass Grady10Just a flat dumpoff, appears to be the primary read, too. Grady breaks a tackle and makes five extra yards.
21M49RunGrady10Sweep with the crushing blocking again. Key block is Ecker, who seals the DE with authorita(!).
110O41RunGrady7Crushing blocking again. Very Big 2, Little 8, this blocking.
23O34Pass Avant5Quick out for Avant, which EMU can't defend if they insist on playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage.
110O29RunMartin-2Draw and EMU stunts… I think this is just a defense winning the rock-paper-scissors.
212O31Pass AvantIncAvant dropped a pass! My world is ending.
312O31Pass HenneScramble, 13You can hear the sorostitutes screaming as their precious Henne starts rolling down the field
110O18Pass No oneSack, -7Riley beaten like something beaten a lot (insert domestic violence joke).
217O25Pass Grady17Screen, and Grady puts a nice juke on to get six or seven yards.
31O9RunGrady5They run behind Steno and Henige and they crushify the opposition.
1GO4RunMartin-2The DT slips behind Kraus here on the zone sweep they run with Martin a lot and he makes the tackle.
2GO6Pass Thompson6Touchdown. Henne had Thompson open earlier but took a while to get to his read here. Nit, yes, but nits is all you get against EMU. Hyyyaaaaarrr!
Drive Notes: Yes, I knew the screen was coming, but it worked anyway. Second incident of Riley being beaten by the EMU DE.
110M14RunMartin5Another zone sweep which Martin cuts up inside.
25M19RunMartin4More outside. I think he got what he could but Breaston misses his block entirely or he could have gotten the corner and gone zip.
31M23RunMartin4Finally an inside run for Martin, who picks the right hole, but is seemingly a little slow in getting there.
110M27Pass HenneScramble, 3This was supposed to go deep but Henne pumps and decides better of it.
27M30RunMartin3Martin against cuts it up inside as Riley gets shoved back a bit.
34M33RunMartin13Martin gets to the corner and fast.
110M46Pass BreastonIncHenne shortarms the long handoff.
34O48Pass Avant10Slant, easy.
110O38RunMartin4Martin cuts it back outside when the planned run doesn't appear to be there.
26O34Pass Massey17Massey's wide open underneath the coverage.
110O17RunMartin4This is a run that Martin could have broken bigger but getting outside faster.
26O13RunMartin-6All I see of this is the very end as a replay replaces the play. Thanks ESPN+!
312O19Pass AvantIncThis comes out of Henne's hand funny and launches on a ridiculous trajectory that takes it out of the end zone.
Drive Notes: FG. At this point I should note that Martin is running exclusively outside. Gutierrez takes over after this.
26M43RunMartin3Draw. I think Martin is tentative when he's facing opponents, he doesn't set them up and juke past them, a la Hart.
33M46RunMartin7Gaping hole and Martin does make a few yards after contact before going down.
110O47Pass Avant13Slant and then six or seven yards afterwards.
110O34RunMartin8Some miscommunication, as Martin has Bihl out with him and one corner to block, and he cuts inside of Bihl, who misses the corner.
22O26Pass Thompson8Gutz loops this one out to Thompson… the difference in arm strength is remarkable.
110O18RunGrady3Draw, meh.
27O15Pass GutzScramble, -3Rollout that Gutz just takes out of bounds when no one is open.
310O18Pass Manningham3This looks like a bobbled pass at first glance but it's actually a GREAT catch where he sticks one hand out to slow a ball too far out in front of him and then makes the catch and cuts upfield.
1GO5RunGrady-2Jean-Olivier Gagnon-Gordillo!
2GO7RunMartin3Martin gets to the outside but can't beat the corner and get in.
3GO4Pass BreastonIncCaught out of bounds… Gutz can't come off the covered Ecker in time to get it to Breaston in the end zone.
Drive Notes: There's noticably less to critique because everything works, essentially. That Manningham play was the definition of tantalizing--smartly spearing and catching a poorly thrown ball and then making 12 extra yards with moves that would make Smoove B proud. FG.
110M12Pass TabbIncGutierrez has all day, all night, and then a taco afterwards, rolls around and then nearly throws a pick. Not his best play.
210M12Run Martin12Huge hole up the middle and Thompson gets a good block. Martin does well here to get all he can.
110M24RunMartin10Another hole, and he makes a good cut to pick up another five, but his cutting doesn't look like it will work against better teams.
110M35RunGrady2Cuilla pulls around but doesn't block the linebacker in the hole.
28M37RunGrady2Seems to make the right cut outside here but can't get by the guy that Bihl's blocking.
26M39Pass Massey7Wide open, again.
110M46RunJackson14A cavernous hole on the right side features Kraus pancaking a guy and Jackson just sort of cruises up the sideline.
110O40Pass Manningham2212 YAC with some dipping and diving and moving and stuff. I think he's the real deal.
110O18Pass Bass11Long handoff and Bass shows his stuff, juking two guys out of jocks and making five after contact. Woohaa.
1GO7RunJackson7Touchdown. Jackson takes the corner on low at the four yard line and just plows into the end zone.
Drive Notes: I like 'em both.
110O41RunJackson3Kraus can't get out on the LB quick enough.
27O38RunBass2Bass lines up under center and runs a sweep, he slips so it's hard to tell if it would have worked.
35O36Pass Tabb5Kind of a low, sloppy throw from Gutierrez.
110O30RunBradley-5Alijah Bradley? Yeah, this is the last drive I'm blogging.
215O35Pass Tabb17Should have been a pick six by the EMU defender. I think the concerns about Gutz's arm strength are legitimate.
1GO1RunBradley1Yay 5'2 walkon touchdown.
Drive Notes: I can't believe I blogged this. Someone get me into detox.

So... what does it all mean?

Probably not a whole lot. It was interesting to see the running game completely change with Martin in the game--runs between the tackles were few and far between, zone stretches as far as the eye can see, etc.--but the only thing we really learned is that we really need Kolodziej back as soon as possible, because Riley just isn't a tackle.

New guys who impressed?

Alex Mitchell got extensive playing time and did all right, though he missed a couple blocks, one of which got Henne killed. Manningham and Bass... well, I wish one was redshirting, but it looks like both are the kind of guys that when they say "I want to play as a freshman" you nod and say "yessir," Manningham in particular. It might be next year when they come to the forefront--both had some freshman issues with their routes (mostly Bass, though)--but the kids are all right.

Max Martin also counts as new, since I'd never really seen him with an opportunity for extensive playing time. You can see why the coaching staff likes him. He does have a very high top speed and has good vision when it comes to picking a hole at the line of scrimmage. He's big enough that he can deliver a whack at the end of the play, too. But he's not much for making guys miss and Michigan didn't even attempt a pass to him--either they're keeping it under wraps (certainly possible) or the whole Martin's-like-Reggie-Bush thing was just a private joke the coaches were playing on us.

And Henne?

Impossible to tell. Eastern rarely got pressure and what they did get was all due to Riley or Mitchell. The results were a sack, an incompletion, and a 26 yard touchdown to Avant. A lot of his completions were long handoffs to receivers and he badly missed a couple passes. The chart looks good, though:

TeamDead onCatchableInaccurateBad ReadThrowawaysBatted

The competition was so soft it's meaningless, though, and a large portion of those throws were very short and easy. He gets an incomplete for the day.

What does it mean for Wisconsin?

We'll probably see Martin start and a lot of Manningham.

Grade: B+.