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Monday, September 19, 2005

Stands at 76 for the year, and it's done, because he's done, at least for the year and possibly forever if the "Lawrence Reid-type" assertion holds true. Apparently the reason freshman Brandon Harrison ended up at safety was Door #2 in the three reasons I posited, though I went with Door #3: we're screwed. Willis Barringer, who's started the first three games and done nothing I can remember, is probably the permanent starter. Harrison is listed as the second stringer on the new depth chart.

Also of note:

  • Manningham is listed as the backup to Breaston; Dutch is third behind him, probably due to injury. Michigan delists guys who are totally out but demotes them if they are maybes. I wouldn't expect Dutch against Wisconsin but he should return sometime in the near future.
  • Kolodziej is still listed as second-team behind Riley, which is ominous because Riley had numerous pass-protection issues against Eastern. Eastern! Stenavich is listed as the starter; his injury is apparently not serious, and I believe Lentz was just held out as a precaution. Wisconsin is down three defensive linemen, including both starting DEs (I think... Bruce, am I wrong?), so it might be a backups vs. backups situation.
  • Max Martin OR Kevin Grady OR Mike Hart OR Jerome Jackson. Ugh.
  • Alan Branch is listed as the starting NT this week (yay!) but Gabe Watson is listed as second string behind Pat Massey (boo!). Seriously: the point has been made. Wisconsin can't throw, but Calhoun hasn't been held to less than eleventy jillion yards this season. Watson should start and play extensively. Failing that he should come in on the second play of the game. Massey should be used as a situational interior pass rusher against Wisconsin and that's all.
PS: Michigan Monday at the OZone.

Update: Official confirmation on Mundy from Carr's press conference, and some very good news on the offensive line: Kolodziej will return at full strength for the Wisconsin game. Also, Doug Dutch's absence for the EMU game was due to a "103 degree fever" which has receded, so he will also be at full strength for Wisconsin.

And then there's this on Gabe:
On Gabe Watson not starting: "I'm not going to say a lot about it. It's not an easy thing … it's a difficult thing for everybody. But you have to start with the fact that it's a competitive situation. That's what the game is really about.

"Absolutely [it's hard for me], because any time a guy is in a position that there are great expectations, and for whatever reason – sometimes it's an injury, sometimes it's something else. Those are tough for everybody. It is what it is. I'm not going to talk about some issues on a team. The player-coach relationship is one of them."
Argh! Same page! Get on the same page! Double argh!