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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Comments welcomed, as always.

1Southern CalWell, they won, though it wasn't easy. ASU's probably the best team they'll face this year.
2TexasDemolished Mizzou.
3Virginia TechTriplets to follow.
Ohio State
DNP. Essentially the same team as Virginia Tech.
Florida StateBeat sitting duck Syracuse 38-14 and seem to have put together an offense to go with their defense, which is kinda good. Essentially the same team as Ohio State.
SWEET FANCY MOSES. Suggestion for Mike Shula: don't sleep with anyone. ANYONE.
That CU win looks better now, as does the FSU loss. USF is apparently no pushover.
8Michigan StateI have a hard time believing anyone will slow this offense down more than Michigan did, which wasn't very much at all.
TennesseeAnother iffy offensive performance. I cannot make any sense of the SEC.
11Arizona State
What do you do with this team? They've lost to LSU and USC, but have played well in each loss and have one of the country's most explosive offenses. At this point in the year I think they're one of the country's better teams and thus here they go. A third loss will be met with harsh reassessment.
Notre Dame
Dismantled Purdue in a win much like the Pitt one, in both good and bad ways.
FloridaWhat the hell? At this point you just have to say the offense is extremely wonky.
LSUYeah... Les Miles is no longer on my "desirable Carr successor" list.
Boston CollegeFunctional DNP vs. Ball State.
28-0 versus Arizona is their best performance to date, but this team is largely benefiting from the struggles of others.
17WisconsinIndiana stats seem pretty sketchy and despite the 3-0 start, the Hoosiers are Not Good. But they're 5-0 and beat Michigan.
Dude. Washington is not good.
Georgia TechDNP.
Penn StateOkay, they're 5-0 and they thumped Minnesota, but let's be serious: they have no quarterback. Robinson was 13 for 32. They mostly just ground out a ton of rushing yards against a bad defense.
21AuburnI believe I was sleeping on Auburn earlier.
22Texas TechYou still haven't played anyone, unless Kansas is "anyone." (They aren't.)
Fine. You return. Upward mobility will be hard to come by.
24MichiganIf Henne plays like that and Hart plays like that we're back in business.
MinnesotaThe Big Ten: specializing in making Brian look dumb since 2005.

Dropped Out: Iowa State(#18), Purdue(#19), Texas A&M(#22) (The Aggies have a loss to Clemson, a win against I-AA Texas State in which they gave up 31 points, a stomping of SMU, and an OT win against... Baylor), Virginia(#25)

Games I Saw: Michigan-MSU, Purdue-ND, garbage time in PSU/Minnesota and 'Bama/UF, parts of Arizona-Cal.

Help Requested: Please make some goddamn sense of the SEC for me. And what am I supposed to do with the bottom of the poll? Am I crazy for leaving the Spartans way up there? Do I enjoy Dijon mustard far too much? Please inform.

Update: Swapped Auburn and Georgia Tech after GT blogger Nathan pointed out the similar resumes and the head-to-head Jackets win. And papa don't preach, I'm keepin' MSU at #8. OSU-MSU should be an interesting game. Someone's rush offense/defense will be proven for realz.