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Friday, October 14, 2005

(There's nothing redeeming about this editon, apologies.)

Long winded yammering or panel-based pith. Yeah, the estimable Soxaholix, which you should read even if you think the Sox are pure evil, gets across in one strip what I try to say in billions (and billions) of words:

Let's see, for stahtahs we've got laziness, sloppiness with facts, hostility toward playahs, animosity towards their readahs, a mockery and general disdain for sabermetrics … Whoo hoo! Now that's a savvy business model to reverse the downwahd trend in newspaper readership and profitability!
Sox on.

Hearting of FO continues... and this one is slightly on topic. The latest Too Deep Zone takes on the issue of why Kevin Jones has no rushing yards, but the real reason I highlight this article is for this pithy statement of great relevance to Michigan fans:
Tollner’s philosophy seems to be risk avoidance at all costs, and he doesn’t seem to realize that there’s nothing as risky as doing exactly what the defense expects.

Er... I don't understand this passage from Bruce Hooley's midseason review of the Big Ten on
Penn State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan State, Ohio State, Iowa and Michigan, leaving the Big Ten embarrassingly short of its seven bowl commitments.
Oh, wait...
Bruce Hooley covered the Big Ten for 18 years and now hosts a daily talk show on WBNS-AM 1460 in Columbus, Ohio.
...yes I do.

Update: Apparently someone at ESPN can count; they fixed it. No visible correction, though. Sweeping their errors under ther rug... just like they did to hockey.

Search term of the week: "Jack Bauer Halloween Costumes"; no... wait... late entry: "shirtless pictures of Brodie Croyle." (BFT?)

Er... Part 2. Courtney Sims: "We have the talent to win a national championship."

It's gonna be okay:

Via Suds & Soliloquies.

People older than me are pissed that WJR has switched from Michigan to Michigan State sports programming, though my initial reaction was a definite "uh... and?" I don't know who's whatsit is at fault or whatever and I don't know how relevant it is--technophile me thinks that broadcast radio will be D-E-D dead in relatively short order--but rest assured that my reducing my donations to the U by 50% because of it. (Go on... ask...)