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Friday, October 07, 2005

110O20Pass2We drop eight and Stanton starts rolling all over the place before finding a last outlet one yard downfield. Harris comes up when Stanton starts rolling around. Coverage +1.
28O22Run3Stanton takes a rare snap from under center and they run up the gut. Harris(+1) sheds and tackles.
35O25Pass18Stanton rolls out and fires nicely along the sideline. Harris again has contain responsibility. Mason(-1) gets beaten easily.
110O43PassIncAnother three man rush and Stanton misses his man coming across the zone. Trent(+1) had good coverage.
210O43PassSack, -13Stanton attempts to roll left but Woodley(+3) just crushes his man into the backfield and forces him to scramble back to his right where Biggs(+1) and Massey(+1) clean up the mess. +5 for one play? 13 yard sack against a team that's never sacked, you're damn right.
323O30Pass20Three man rush again. Stanton has a ton of time but can't find a guy deep enough for the first.
Drive Notes: 0-0 13 min 1st Q. Good enough. Woodley huge, huge, huge play to stop the drive. Get used to the three man rush on third and long, except most of them won't go as well as this one.

110O20Run3This is a win with six in the box. I believe it's Burgess(+1) who stands up to the lead block very well and forces Ringer back into the D.
27O23PassIncStanton underthrows a ball badly and Mason(+1) almost picks it off. Danielson thinks it's a busted route… and then points out that Stanton ate Branch(+1). Thanks, Danielson!
37O23PassIncStanton again can't find anyone due to the zone coverage (we're rushing four) and takes off on a magical mystery tour. Biggs gets flagrantly clipped right in front of the referee but there's no call, and then after Stanton finds an open receiver downfield who drops it they try to throw a flag for a late hit that gets picked up. Given what's going to happen later, the incomptence of this crew stands out.
Drive Notes: 7-0, 11 min 1st Q. Harris is definitely taksed with spying.
110O20Pass5Screen to Ringer. Woodley(+1) comes back a makes a nice tackle from behind.
25O25Run 2Harris(+1) again with the shed and stick. He is obviously our best linebacker.
33O27Pass13A play fake on third and three and Stanton just has decades to throw.
110O40Run-2A sweep to the short side. Woodley(+1) gets out, forcing the RB to cut it back and Branch(+1) is there to crush smash destroy.
212O38PassIncFlanker screen is dropped. Would have worked, too.
312O38Pass32The pocket rolls a bit and again Stanton has forever to throw. It's worth noting that Branch is flagrantly held on this play. Christ, I'm getting angry just watching it. There's no excuse for not throwing that flag.
110M30Run12They run a pitch sweep the the short side and neither Hall nor Graham can get off their blocks. Fistfuls of jersey everywhere.
110M18Run11Direct snap to Jerramy Scott with Stanton lined up as a WR. It's Graham(-1) who shoots up into the wrong hole.
1GM7Run3Nice play by Branch to get Caulcrick at the line of scrimmage, though he falls forward because there's no LB to fill the hole.
M4Run4Stanton touchdown.
Drive Notes: 14-7, 3 min 1st. Seriously, that hold on the 32 yard completion is comical. The pitch sweep is questionable. Bam bam bam down the field with the run game after the bogus conversion. What was the last play Graham made? He's been a disappointment so far.
110O35Run22Massive hole courtesy of Massey(-3), though the play is well designed. Massey gets shoved out immediately and opens up a vast hole that neither linebacker can cover since they're eating blockers.
110M43Pass16They fake the damn counter draw, and there's a huge hole in the zone. Coverage -1.
110M27PassIntThe reviewed Barringer(+1) interception. Unbelievable that the guy in the box forced Lloyd to take a timeout to review this. Jim Augustine is NOT an outstanding replay official, Brent. Woodley(+1) forced Scott to bring the ball down instead of throwing it immediately.
Drive Notes: 14-7, End of First. It is a really good offense. One player on your defense blows the tiniest little thing and bam, it's 15-20 yards.
110O22Run13Argh! Contain. Jamar Adams(-2) is the nickel back here and doesn't even bother Ringer.
110O35Run2Toss sweep. Harris(+1) gets out on it and keeps it contained. Branch is again there for the tackle.
28O37Run12Massey(-2) gets crushed again, leaving a gaping hole that allows Caulcrick to easily avoid the linebacker who's attempting to fill the hole with a blocker in his face.
110O49Run-2Stanton pops the snap up into the air, busting the play.
212O47Pass1WR screen. Woods(+1) diagnoses the play well and the play develops slowly enough for him to get there.
311O48Pass13Zone blitz, we bring both corners and end up rushing 4. Barringer can't react quickly enough to prevent the completion.
110M39PassIncPlay action rollout that Woods is about as on top of it as you can be. Jamar Adams(+1) knocks the ball loose from the receiver.
210M39PassIncA seam route over the middle that Barringer(+1) attacks and almost intercepts.
310M39Penalty-5Illegal sub.
315M44Pass32Five wide, we rush three and Stanton finds an open Scott. Jesus, man, I know it's been working okay, but it's third and fifteen. This is a clear example of our fear of Stanton's legs overwhelming logical judgement.
110M12Run6Caulcrick is a load. Engelmon can't stop him before he plows for an extra 4 YAC.
24M6Run3Caulcrick again. Engelmon cuts him this time.
31M3Penalty2Defensive holding on Mason(-1).
Drive Notes: 21-14, 6 min 2nd Another killer third and long conversion for MSU ends up in a touchdown. Infuriating to watch a three man rush on third and fifteen.
110O33Run6Woods(+1) spins off his blocker and forces the play back inside. MSU is fortunate that Harris beat his man as well because the missed block turns into a perfect one with the cutback and Ringer schoots up into hole.
24O39Pass61Reed's screen touchdown. Another example of the slightest screwup equalling big yards and, in this case, six. The blitz and the fake roll to the other side of the field sucks away everyone except the two guys on the recievers. Harrison(-3) makes a huge mistake. He gets blocked by Trannon, but when he releases to block the other guy, he follows him(!), instead of switching off on to Reed and keeping that to no gain.
Drive Notes: Freshman mistake == touchdown. 21-21 3 min 2nd Q.
26M13Penalty-10Holding drawn by Woodley(+1)
216M23PassScramble, 6Stanton takes off and the coverage converges all right. Graham makes the tackle.
310M17Pass8Jailbreak screen that seems like it might get the first down but Barringer(+1) comes up to make the stop.
Drive Notes: FG. 24-24, 11 min 3rd Q. Can we get Lamarr Woodley a syndicated show that comes on right after Xena called DriveKiller?
110O32Pass14Rolling pocket and a wide open reciever in front of Hall.
2650PassSack, -4Fumble! Another sprintout, this one into a blitz from Burgess(+1), who forces him back inside, where Woods(+2) makes the sack and strip which Harris(+1) recovers. Hands down the play of the game.
Drive Notes: 24-24, 8 min 3 Q. We do nothing on offense here but given the yards the MSU offense has been snapping off in chunks, this play is absolutely huge.

110O4Run1Line holds up well, and Harris(+1) picks off the blocker, allowing Engelmon(+1) to come up and fill the hole at the LOS. Burgess(+1) correctly stays outside and wraps around the outside of the DE to assist on the tackle after Ringer commits to the inside hole. Contain. Yip.
29O5Run4Sweep that Burgess just barely cuts the corner off on, but Ringer manages to squeeze past him and get upfield a little bit.
35O9Pass19Absolutely no pass rush and Stanton has all day to find a receiver.
110O28Run8Accursed counter draw. Burgess(+1) fills the intended hole unblocked so Teague has to cut it upfield, which he can because Massey's(-1) getting throttled again.
22O36Pass12Flanker screen to Trannon. That's just hard to stop.
110O48Run-4Tim Jamison(+2) blows by the tackle and crushes Ringer with authorita.
214O44Pass8Another screen. There's no one close to him until Barringer comes up and makes a solid tackle.
36M48PassScramble, 6Sigh.
110M42Run1Fortunate tackle by Harris, because the outside linebackers blitz and if he gets past Harris Ringer is going to gain 10 or so.
29M41Pass8Dropped eight again and Stanton finds his man.
31M32Run5Option. Michigan has no one to take the pitchman.
110M27Run5Harrison fails to wrap up after about 3 yards. Good job by Will Johnson(+1) on the line and how can David Harris be facing the exact opposite way he wants to be without it being holding? This I ask.
25M22Pass10Triple stack screen which is not well executed but still goes for a ton of yards. This drive is teeth grinding.
110M12Run3Graham fills nicely and Woodley comes off his block to tackle.
27M9Run3Stanton keeper. Woodley with yet another tackle despite the play going up the gut.
34M6Run0The much-discussed run on third and four. MSU is just outnumbered.
Drive Notes: Missed FG, 24-24, 13 min 4th Q. This drive shows all the scary death magic inherent in the MSU offense. There's more three man rush that Stanton's figured out and another play where Massey failing to hold opens up a huge hole against the spread.
110O20Pass-2Another rolling pocket, but there's no one open (Danielson credits Hall(+1) for the coverage), and Pierre Woods is there to force him out.
212O18Pass-6The Ringer screen that Gabe Watson finished with authorita. Credit to Harris(+2) and Massey(+1) for identifiying the screen immediately and showing up right when the ball gets there.
318O12PassIncUnbelievable, another freaking third and forever and we rush three again. Mason(-1) is in good coverage but does not really prevent the catch, which is fortunately dropped after a pushoff.
Drive Notes: 31-24, 9 min 4th Q.

110O20Run20Three man line with Woods as one of the DEs; he gets double teamed and crushed.
Illegal substituation on Massey(-1)
15O45Pass-5Wacky hook and ladder screen. Nice job by Mason(+1) to not overpursue here and make the big time TFL.
210O40Penalty-5Illegal formation calls back a 20 yard pass reception which upon review is even dumber to cite as a reason this game was lost by the Spartans: they had 7 seconds left on the clock. There is exactly zero chance they run a FG team out after another play so their options are 57 yard FG try (fat chance) or a rushed Hail Mary. This is No Big Deal.
215O35PasswhateverMeaningless dumpoff to Teague.
Drive Notes: 31-31, EORegulation.
110M25Run4The line holds up pretty well but there's no penetration. Harris takes on the blocker and Burgess makes the tackle.
26M21PassIncSuperb coverage by Hall(+2) and a near interception that he can't quite come up with.
36M21PassIncStanton has forever to throw but can't find anyone open and hurls it directly into the hands of Morgan Trent, who drops it.
Drive Notes: Missed FG. 31-31, 1/2 OT. Uh, yeah… you suck.

So how did we do?

Um... okay I guess. Here's the chart...

Consistently fierce. Penetrates, reacts, pursues, and tackles.
Forced the Stanton fumble and saw extensive time with Biggs out. Playing well.

More below.
Not the offense he's suited to defending. MSU avoided him when they ran at all costs, though.
-Played sparingly.
--One impressive TFL in limited time.
-2Came down from his stratospheric UW performance but was still pretty good. Probably had a much tougher time against the Spartan line.
Pretty good day; would like to see him shed more blocks. Often goes down without enough of a fight.

Playing very, very well. Entrusted with spying Stanton all day; shows the faith they have in him.
Didn't play a ton.



Made his presence felt for the first time. Hold onto those ints.
One huge mistake on the screen touchdown. Hopefully he learns from it.

I thought you said to lay off Massey.

Uh, yeah, I did, but there's no denying that when MSU had success up the middle it was because Massey was getting hurled to the side like Jennifer Aniston when Angelina came calling (OH SNAP!!!). He he had a couple nice plays in pursuit but the word "liability" is getting close to legitimate when it is applied to Massey re: run defense. He's too tall to hold at the point of attack consistently. When someone gets underneath his pads, he's done. When was the last time he penetrated into the backfield? I can't remember an instance this year.

I think he'll do all right against Minnesota because their line relies much less on the brute force Massey is ill-equipped to deal with, but big, tough interior linemen will continue to crumple him the rest of the year.

Aren't you concerned about 455 yards?

Yes, but I think if a few obvious penalties are called we greatly reduce that number. I swear that on the long third down conversion I kvetched about above that Branch was in a figure-four. I also believe that MSU has the best offense we'll see all year by a long shot. They have a very good offensive line, a trio of running backs who are all pretty decent, and Stanton, who is fantastic. Their wide receivers are distictly mediocre, but they're incredibly hard to stop with the rolling pockets and the run game from nowhere and the vast diversity of the screens, draws, counters, and option plays they run. We shan't see their ability to run and pass again.

So next year...

Hope their defense remains as bad. Senior Stanton winless against Michigan is going to be pissed off.

This game tells us what about Minnesota?

Nothing. You couldn't have two philosophies more diametrically opposed.

Well then.

Well then indeed.

You're skimping on the analysis here.

It's Friday at 5:45. I've got a hockey game to go to. Screw you.

That's not very professional.