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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

First... It's been an angry couple days here at MGoBlog. Let's all soothe ourselves with what we're really here for, adorable kittens.

Er, and a duck. Species harmony.

Right! About football. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Except not so regularly scheduled: UFR will appear tomorrow and Friday. So you'll have to wait a day. It's a bye week, slack should be cut.

Re-location: Joey's got a spankin' new SBNation site called Schembechler Hall that will henceforth be the source for the airing of grievances re: Carr. SB will continue on in a hip-hop/NBA/lefty screed incarnation. I like 'em both.

Tenuous content. I don't pick games for good reason: I'd probably be bad at it. This theory is being put to the test over at All Thing Longhorn, where I've been invited to submit picks to their "expert" (coughcoughcough) panel. Wayne Brady chokes a 'Cane! And other people say things!

BTW: ATL also helpfully points out what's possibly the worst article in the history of sports journalism. Then they demolish it. Fun for the whole family (FFTWF).

Update: Forgot the Penn State Paranoia Pool. Day 2 sees the Carr-Bellotti uncomplementary photo referenced.