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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

First... Obviously I've been in a bit of a sulking mood, what with the football and the sky that David Foster Wallace would most assuredly refer to as "gunmetal" and Robert Earl Keen would term "Nashville suicide weather" plus a nasty head cold. The "sad boy music" has been on heavy rotation. It's in times like these I look to movies for a pick-me-up, and since I am viciously anti-spoiler I usually go into these things blind.

So, uh... yeah... a piece of advice. If you find yourself in a similar state don't watch Requiem for a Dream. Just don't.

Programming Note: The meaningless UFR for D versus IU will go up probably late today, as I charted it. It's pointless but I strive for completeness. The UFRs for OSU will be posted early next week in order to reduce the flecks of spittle reaching the reader's cheek to an acceptable level.

We ain't done bitchin' yet. No sir. Braves & Birds:

In a way, it's worse to know what fate is about to befall you like a condemned man. On the other hand, at least there was no surprise when the Buckeyes marched the length of the field and saved their season while casting their arch-rivals into a winter of discontent.
ParadigmBlog attempts to gauge the state of the program and finds that most other teams can be thoroughly unhappy as well. RBUAS has a selection of newsbits for your perusal. Foremost among them: Lamarr Woodley will return for his senior season. Also some guys are out for the bowl game.

What about the poetry? One of our warrior-poets has done bad:
Eugene Germany, a redshirt freshman from California, was arraigned over the weekend on one count of larceny from a person and two counts of resisting police.
The cosmic stupidity of grabbing a girl's cell phone on South U, a campus thoroughfare full of bars laden with people at 12:40 AM, pales in comparison to the disappointment experience at this sentence:
Two officers in the area joined in the chase, tackling Germany as he ran, reports said.
Those officers must run a 4.4.

Okay okay that's cute and all. But seriously if we lose to BU for the third straight year, I'ma kill someone. BU is all hyped up about a visit from the us, we're trying to avoid a three-year stretch more embarrassing than that time CMU took two of three from State.

Jesus. Carr:
"Certainly, at the end, when we took a two-score lead with five minutes to go, we felt the way we had played defense the first fifty-five minutes that we were going to win the game. We let them score on that first drive too soon. We missed a tackle on Santonio Holmes on the touchdown play, and so they didn't have to take enough time off the clock."
And then...
"That (pooch punt) is a play we work on every week," Carr said. "I felt very confident that Garrett Rivas would get it down close to the 10. That bought us 20 yards, which is two first downs. I just felt we had to do that for our defense. That's why we did it, and I would do it again."
I'll be under the basement stairs shivering if you need me.

Update: Oh, yeah. Michigan scorin' machine TJ Hensick is going to be on CSTV's "Tuesdays at the Rink" interactive interwebs chat feature at 2. Ask him piercing question about his availability for his senior season or something.