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Monday, December 19, 2005


Okay. Georgia RB Carlos Brown has apparently committed to Michigan:

Coach Tim Barron said Brown just gave him the news a few minutes ago. Barron said Brown told him he settled on Michigan "because he felt it was the best place for him to go."
Is this surprising? Um... I don't think "surprising" covers it. I mean:
Brown had earlier indicated to his coach his choice would be either USC or Georgia.
This is an uber-recruit (#32 according to Rivals) who 1) lives in the south, 2) had already eliminated us, and 3) was considering home-school UGA and freakin' USC er... the Other USC (South Carolina). Um... lessee... lessee,, thesaurus section...
mind-bog·gling (mīnd'bŏg'lĭng)
adj. Informal.

Intellectually or emotionally overwhelming: “a mind-boggling bazaar of competing manufacturers and overlapping technologies” (William D. Marbach).

mind'-bog'gler n.
Brown never once appeared on the recruiting board for the above reasons and any and all references to him were mentally blocked by my "useless information" filter due to the whole blue-chippah-from-the-South thing. So I dunno anything about him. Update coming when I do.

Update: There's little to be found on Brown that isn't hidden behind a paywall. You can scout for pictures at his high school's homepage. Here's a photo of him STANDING! The AJC has this (AR):
Top traits: An elusive runner who amassed 2,103 all-purpose yards --- 1,284 rushing, 567 returning, 113 receiving and 139 passing --- last season. "Wherever we could get the ball to him is where we put him," Heard County coach Tim Barron said. "They love his speed. He's a 4.4 kid." Has 88.8 average in school and qualified on the SAT as a sophomore. He's slated to play mostly QB this season. "We're going to put the ball in his hands on every play," Barron said. Colleges are recruiting him as a running back, wide receiver and defensive back. He has 27 TDs that went for more than 40 yards. Bench-presses 280 pounds and squats 440. "I have good balance, pretty good vision and pretty good speed," Brown said.

Offers: Georgia, Auburn, Ohio State, Michigan State, Alabama, Kansas State, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Louisville, Ole Miss, Duke, Wake Forest, South Carolina and Purdue

Favorites: Former Michigan State assistant Paul Haynes was the first to make an offer to Brown, after his fourth game last season, but he's now at Ohio State, where he coaches defensive backs. Brown said he's looking for "a school that specializes in what I want to do after football. Right now, I want to be a pilot." Growing up, he used to like watching Florida State.

Aha! Wants to be a pilot, hmmm? Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? That's right: Space, bitches! Space! Congrats to EDSBS for being the number one hit on Google for that critical search term, by the way. Scouts, Inc., also thinks he's the bee's knees:
Brown may be the best overall athlete in this running back class and could be a difference maker at the next level.
So that's cool. Here at MGoBlog we try not to get too high when high schoolers we've never seen promise to go to our school or too low when they spurn us just like everyone we've ever loved, but yay and stuff. I promise to scream "Space, bitches!" whenever he scores. Or takes the field. And at random times during meetings at work.

Space, bitches!