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Friday, December 16, 2005

So... yeah. Much has been ado-ed about Lloyd Carr's latest press conference wherein he advocated a 16 team playoff despite having come out and said that the 12th game "treats the players like professionals" and thus should result in the players getting paid, as professionals often are.

Assorted reaction:

  • OMG LOL, LLLLoyd just wants a system where he and his LLLL get to play for a championship despite the LLLL omg lol teh funny.
  • Preach on brother!
  • Who are you and where have you stuffed the broken remains of Lloyd Carr's body?
  • Dude, 16 is way, way too much.
Obviously I went with door #3, though I heartily endorse door #4 as well, a fine door with many qualities to recommend it like, um, good grain and a paucity of knots and stuff. Johnny of RBUAS went with door #5 and also collected a couple of useful links for your edification. Peruse, I say.

And there's actual newsbits, too. Lost in the playoff hootenany is much in the way of injury updates. Revelations of note:
  • Mike Hart will probably go; the injury which was supposedly just a mild ankle twist is The Dreaded High Ankle Sprain.
  • Jake Long will play.
  • Mike Kolodziej had hand surgery and will not.
  • Henige will be replaced by Rueben Riley.
  • Kraus is questionable.
  • No mention of Woodley and his (presumed) stress fracture.
I personally doubt we'll see much more from Hart than we did towards the end of the season. He'll make a valiant attempt to go but his essential Hart-ness will be absent.

Also FYI: Three star Colorado DE Greg Banks committed. Banks may end up at DT down the road, since he's already listed at 260. I have no opinion on this as of yet, but I will attempt to acquire one.

No comment. Um... someone asked this question of Chad Henne:
How do you work on that, just discussions with you and Coach Loeffler, do you do role-play?
Hmmm... sex or dork? I'll go dork: perhaps someone should have told Henne to spend experience points on accuracy when he leveled up instead of buying totally sweet new flattop haircuts.

And this quote from Pierre Woods, well...
Do you have expectations, with all of the bowl talk, were you disappointed? ... "Disappointment is Tennessee. They are not going to a bowl game [for the first time], I guess in the last 26 years, so I'm not disappointed.
That's very poetic: Disappointment is Tennessee. Fat Bastard Chili Cheese Fries is Tennessee. Getting The Short End Of The Cutler is Tennessee. Peyton Manning Didn't Deserve The Heisman Any More Than Ron Dayne Did is Tennessee.

Mas Cogs. He scored again; he's a lock. And I doubt anyone who cares about hockey isn't reading the Rivals message board, but Michael Spath posted an extensive evaluation of several players gathered from talking to people close to the program.

Shaky head. The Peach Bowl is no longer the Peach Bowl. It's now the "Chick Fil-A Bowl," which means you should never go to Chick Fil-A again. I fail to understand why corporations think this sort of thing is a good idea. The Citrus Bowl is still the Citrus Bowl to me, changing it to the "Capital One" Bowl changed nothing except my opinion of said bank and the likelihood of ever patronizing it (now holding steady at zero).