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Friday, January 27, 2006

Update 1/25: Added QB Lee Mondol. Linked to McKenzie Matthews article. Moved OL Steve Schilling to committed. Added links to a Rivals feature called "The Breakdown" with high praise for both Brandon Graham and Schilling and a Free Press article on Quintin Woods. Also: a Seattle Times article on the Schilling commitment. Linked to Greg Biggins post on S Jonas Mouton that indicates he's leaning to Michigan.

Editorial Opinion: The snippets on Graham...

WOW!! Big, Big-Time player. Great size, won't need to gain any weight, very physical ... a striker. Really has acceleration for his size as evidenced by punt blocks, pass rush and special teams coverage. He is a superior downhill player, has excellent body position when he tackles, uses his legs, can play deep in alignment and still get to the ball in a hurry. Clearly a man among boys. Hard to believe he can't play for Big Blue as true freshman. Maybe as impressive as any high school player on tape this year. He personifies what I call a "knock-back tackler."
...and Schilling...
WOW! Definitely the best OL I have seen on tape this year. He has a superior takeoff. Has a flat back when he comes off the ball. Can drive block and finish, has excellent time clock, can pull and run, can block standing targets. Can reach block and high arms on the stretch/zone plays. No pass plays to evaluate protection skills, but he is athletic enough to play on defense. Hard to believe he can't compete with older players as a freshman. He is going to be a great college player.


None of these guys are in Schilling's class. You have him rated as the top guard, and I'm not sure what the top grade possible is, but give it to him. He is already a very accomplished player already and think he is going to be a Sunday player.
...are as positive as you can get. Also, the Schilling commitment article from the Seattle has this lovely little snippet:
True to his low-key personality, Schilling announced his decision on a weekday night in front of a small group of family members that included his mother, aunt, grandmother, cousins and sister. None of them knew of his decision before Thursday.

"They wanted me to do the hat thing," Schilling said of laying out the school caps of the finalists, and picking up the one belonging to the chosen program. "So I did it for them."
I wonder if he picked up a UW hat first just to mess with people... probably not. More proof that the hat thing is achieving cultural hegemony... or something.

On Mouton: Greg "Em" Biggins says:
I heard from two good sources yesterday including a current SC commit that Jonas Mouton is leaning to Michigan. He'll announce on Signing Day.
Biggins is pretty reliable on the California kids.