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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hi. It's more recruiting for, like, maybe the next day or two. If this bores you to tears, sorry.

Frequent commenter and recruiting aficianado WolverineKeith was kind enough to provide a general overview of each recruit in this year's class. His comments follow below along with handy summarizing tables. I interject on occasion.

QB David Cone

Statesboro, Georgia - 6'6" 201

Scout3*, #23 QB
Rivals3*, #33 QB
ESPN6.2, #83 QB
YMRMFSPAJohn Navarre
Previously On
Stunned by the turn of events; Down By The River
NotesOption QB in HS; GA state champs
Cone fits the classic definition of a sleeper recruit. He was virtually unknown in recruitnik circles before coming to camp and performing on par with, if not better than bigger name QB recruits (Pat Devlin, Neil Caudle, others). Played on a running team in HS, so has very little experience throwing the ball. Has excellent size and reportedly has good raw tools. This is could be Loeffler's greatest accomplishment. Michigan was his only major offer.

[I still say "John Navarre, functioning quarterback" stands as Loeffler's Sistine Chapel, but to each his own.]

Projection: Redshirt. Will be behind Jason Forcier on the depth chart.

Context: UM brought in Jason Forcier last year and Cone this year. Neither is considered a sure bet, although some are very high on Forcier. UM will have only 3 scholarship QBs next year, so QB will be a major focus next year.

[Michigan hopes to hammer out this issue sooner rather than later.]

RB Carlos Brown

Franklin, Georgia - 6'0", 205

Scout4*, #24 RB
Rivals4*, #39, #5 RB
ESPN7.2, #59, #10 RB
Lemming#85 overall
YMRMFSPATyrone Wheatley (Keith sez Kelly Baraka)
Previously On
They Are On Fire
NotesCan't live without eyesight; Jan. enrollee.
Definitely this year's most out-of-the-blue recruit. [The Justin Fargas award?] Most recruitniks didn't consider him a real possibility for UM, especially after he eliminated them from contention. Brown is a true speed back, something that has been missing in recent years. Played QB in high school. Very highly-regarded as a prospect. Chose Michigan over Georgia, South Carolina, and much of the SEC.

[Many similarities between Antonio Bass and Brown, from the sounds of it. Has the inside track on Minor since he enrolled early.]

Projection: Will play next year. Will compete for carries with Michael Hart and Kevin Grady.
Context: UM brought in RBs Kevin Grady and Mister Simpson last year. They didn't really need a running back, but you can't turn down superstars.

[The midwest appears to be looooaded with running backs of all shapes and descriptions next year, so Michigan will probably take one even though the depth chart is forbidding at the moment.]

RB Brandon Minor

Richmond, Virginia - 6'0", 213

Scout4*, #29 RB
Rivals4*, #1 FB
ESPN6.8, #33 RB
Lemming#73 overall
Minor Minor Minor Minor
YMRMFSPALeroy Hoard (Keith: BJ Askew)
Previously On MGoBlogSmash face! Car safety!
NotesSenior year hip flexor injury may have depressed rankings.
Big, bruising back. Excellent between-the-tackles runner. Rated highly by all and even higher by (creepy) ["creepy" in original -ed] Tom Lemming. Listed as a fullback by most major recruiting services, but will start out at tailback at UM. Had an incredible junior season but suffered from some injuries his senior year which may have hurt his stock as a recruit. Chose Michigan over Tennessee, Miami, Virginia Tech.

[Also of note: Michigan offered Minor on or around signing day last year, which speaks highly of his ability. At that time Hart, Grady, and Martin were looking like a troika of doom and this recruiting class was looking like it was going to be really small. That's a major vote of confidence in him.

Will they move him to fullback? Doubtful: their first '07 commitment is FB Vince Helmuth.]

Projection: Probable redshirt, especially if any nagging injuires remain.
Context: See Brown above.

WR Greg Mathews

Orlando, Florida - 6'2", 189

Scout3*, #39 WR
Rivals4*, #93, #8 WR
ESPN6.8, #34 WR
Lemming#100 overall
T Minus
YMRMFSPAMarquise Walker
Previously On MGoBlog Mention in the "Van Down By The River" for offense.
NotesSentinel article on a fourth quarter explosion; Joey talks Greg Mathews face; Parade All-American; Central Florida Offensive player of the year.
Recruiting stock rose dramatically over the course of the year. Took over most HS games he played in. Initially favored childhood favorite Miami over Michigan, but didn't like being slow played and committed to Michigan. Eventual Miami offer was turned down. Has excellent size and has been mentioned as a possible recipient of the #1 jersey. Chose Michigan over Miami, Florida State, Ohio State.

[Lack of a Miami offer was really strange and probably caused by his slow 40 times at the camps he attended. Who gets recruited by Michigan, Ohio State and Florida State but doesn't get a Miami offer, especially when the Hurricanes' recruiting class isn't exactly overflowing with talent? Some major disagreement between scouting services on him: Scout says 3*; Lemming and Rivals say Top 100.]

Projection: Will enter the large pool of talented WRs with limited experience. Amongst will compete for time with Adrian Arrington and LaTerryal Savoy. Redshirt possible but unlikely. [Personally, I disagree. With Arrington, Bass, Savoy, Manningham, Dutch, and Tabb in front of Mathews I'd bet he redshirts.]

Context: UM brought in 3 WRs last year, the aforementioned Manningham, Bass, and Savoy. Manningham and Bass played extensively as freshman. Mathews will have to compete for time. WR was not a position of need this year, but it's nice to get Mathews as a bonus.

OT Perry Dorrestein

Plainfield, IL - 6'6", 283

Scout3*, #81 OL
Rivals3*, #43 OT
ESPN6.0, #76 OT
YMRMFSPAAdam Stenavich
Previously On MGoBlogEh, he's okay.
NotesScout article.
Least hyped of the linemen Michigan is bringing in, although [all together now] linemen are the hardest position to project. Continues Michigan's tradition of bringing in Illinois linemen. Has the frame to adding another 30-40 pounds. Chose Michigan over Illinois, Northwestern, Nebraska.

[Lloyd said he was a true 6'7", so he'll probably get tossed in the LT heap with the three guys from last year. They'll fight to the death; one will replace Kolodziej next year.]

Projection: Redshirt. PhD-level courses in the weight room. We'll see you in two years, Perry.
Context: Three players projected at tackle came in last year (Zirbel, Ortmann, McAvoy). Dorrestein will start behind them. Look for Michigan to try and grab a pair of tackles (Josh Oglesby!) next year. [Not likely!]

C Justin Boren

Pickerington, Ohio - 6'3", 319

Scout4*, #42, #7 OL
Rivals4*, #64, #1 C
ESPN7.2, #71, #2 OG
Lemming#66 overall
Boron The Destroyer
Previously On MGoBlog Ha ha Buck suxor.
NotesSon of 80s linebacker Mike, brother Zack is a 250 pound HS freshman. Scout interview.
Son of former UM linebacker Mike Boren. Potential UM/OSU recruiting battle that never was - committed to UM early on. [Though not before his brother Zack paid a visit to the Rivals premium board and posted something along the lines of "Michigan better get on Boren!!! He's slipping away!!! This can't happen!!!" Yes, exclamation points and all. Little Boren is true blue... and not little at all. You can probably consider him Michigan's first 2009 recruit.] Rated Rivals' #1 center and will play on the interior of the line at UM. Jaw-dropping performance at the US Army AA Game. [Spent the game kicking LSU recruit Al Woods' ass.] Has enrolled early and many recruitniks are clamoring to see him next year. Chose Michigan (very early in the process) over Ohio State.

Projection: I tend to think he'll redshirt, but may/will win a spot the year after that. [Earmarked for center, so it will be hard for him to beat out then three-year-starter Adam Kraus as a redshirt freshman.]

Context: It's good to have a player who's going to be a center from day one. Michigan has gotten by the past few years by moving players from guard (Baas), tackle (Kraus), and even defensive tackle (Pearson).

G/T Steve Schilling

Bellvue, Washington - 6'5", 290

Scout5*, #19, #3 OL
Rivals5*, #26, #2 G
ESPN7.2, #105, #9 OT
Lemming#40 overall
The Big Schill
YMRMFSPASteve Freakin' Hutchinson
Previously On MGoBlog General effusion. "None of these guys is in his class."
NotesSeattle Times article; Seattle PI article; News Tribune article; Rivals "Breakdown" segment.
One of the year's biggest recruiting coups for Michigan. Considered one of the top two or three linemen in the nation. Played for a Wing-T team in HS, so has extensive experience in run blocking but will have to learn how to pass block. Analysts have noted his athleticism, footwork, speed and long arms as strengths. At this point, opinions seem split on whether he is best suited for guard or tackle. Unknown where exactly UM sees him fitting in. Chose Michigan over Washington, Cal and USC.

[What he said about the coups and stuff. Offensive linemen are notoriously hard to project, but when I researched "The Big Schill" (link at right) there was nothing but effusive praise for the guy... and I know that excessive hype is the foundation of all recruiting, but this had a different tenor to it. I hope he can play RT.]

Projection: Redshirt due to that lack of pass blocking experience. Could compete for a spot as a redshirt freshman.

Context: Will start somewhere on the line for a long time.

Thanks to Keith for the capsules. Defense (and kicker!) tomorrow. Basketball coming up in a bit.