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Friday, February 17, 2006

For personal bookkeeping and as a rudimentary "open issues" system:

Visual Issues

  • Turn the raw numbers graph red and green for consistency
  • Add the year the stats were taken from on the header
  • Add a legend
  • Fix the ugly scrollbars on IE
  • Make the graph change on selection instead of focus-loss in IE.
  • Fix the y-axis on efficiency graphs so that it goes from 0-100.
Expanding Existing Stats
  • Incorporate "third and zero" into the distance graphs.
  • Calculate a "first down conversion rate."
  • Look into redoing the smoothing so each point has a certain amount of data behind it.
  • Calculate an "expected conversion rate" for each team based on their distance distribution and their divergence from this--essentially the red/green proportions in numeric form.
Totally Different Stuff
  • Find the success rate of 'desperation drives' of various lengths and use them to beat the don't-punt-with-a-chance-to-kill-the-game thing into the ground.
Cool But Unfeasible
  • Conversion rates based on an individual player's third down attempts (Reason: insufficent data.
  • Exploration of Michigan's "scoring offense" phenomenon (insufficient data).
And I'm always soliciting ideas in the comments or email.