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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Update 3/3: Linked to UV on AZ OL Kris O'Dowd. In sum: his brother says OSU leads and that he didn't click with Michigan. The fact that "BigBroO'Dowd" hasn't ever posted before is a red flag, but he's made six coherent posts and I find it difficult to believe someone's spoofing the Buckeyes about an Arizona lineman. Call it UV3; I buy it.

Added MI QBs Justin Siller and Stephen Threet; linked to free Mike Paulus article; added VA DB Davon Morgan, a teammate of Brandon Minor last year. He's been offered. Also added NJ DE Justin Trattou, CA CB Michael Williams, and OH CB Marcus English, though this Scout article on English where he lists Louisville, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pitt implies that he's probably a plan B type.

Editorial Opinion: So we're not getting this random OL from Arizona if this poster is to be believed. Um... yeah. Nothing earth-shattering in this one.

Link here.