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Friday, March 24, 2006

Update 3/24: Added SC LB Scotty Cooper, who has an offer. Linked to video on Darren Evans, Adrien Robinson, and Jerimy Finch. Removed SC CB Gary Gray (South Carolina). Linked to article on Darris Sawtelle and one on Greg Little.

Not credible enough to add to the board, but some UV2 on Saine from the Bucks indicates that they aren't confident at all and expect him to be a Wolverine soon. His BP thread also has similar pessimism.

Linked to a large roundup article on Fox Sports with information on WI RB John Clay (UW #1 right now, Texas would be with an offer, still interested in Michigan), CA CB Michael Williams (Michigan and ND are his leaders), MI DT Joseph Barksdale (nothing new), MI OL Darris Sawtelle (leaders are M, Tenn, USC -- probably decides early), NJ LB Manny Abreu (claiming an offer from M -- added to the board).

Editorial Opinion: There were a couple of other recruits mentioned in the Fox article who are on the board: Chris Forcier and Nick Sukay. Neither mention came with a reference to Michigan -- not particularly surprising with Forcier since Michigan focused on Ryan Mallet, but possibly an indication the level of mutual interest with Sukay is low. He may end up dropping off the board sooner rather than later. That won't be a tragedy if DB recruiting goes like it looks like it will. (No whammies.)

Though Clay was forthright about UW and Texas being ahead right now, his quote on Michigan was also positive:

"I like Michigan too," he said. "They are really close to my home. I like the fact that they like to run and are not afraid to start freshmen. So far, I really haven't talked to them that much yet though, but I plan on taking an unofficial (visit) there this summer."
Clay is short on offers for a player with the talent he's reputed to have -- Lemming (caution: Lemming reference) said he was the top back in the country or something. He won't make a decision until around signing day, so there's a long way to go.

A possible Saine commitment would probably dent our chances with Clay but would be totally worth it. The Saine video is remarkable -- the guy is crazy fast. He recently won the 60 meter event at a national meet. Saine's said he's been a Michigan fan since birth; he has an offer now. Hopefully that'll stick.

As you might know if you've been following these updates, Sawtelle's grandfather was an All-American at Tennessee, so he's widely expected to follow in his footsteps. However, he makes some noises in that article that make it seem like it's not a slam dunk:
“My grandfather obviously wants me to go to Tennessee but he doesn’t push it on me.” Sawtelle explained. “The only school my grandfather has forbid me from looking at is Alabama. He doesn’t like them a whole lot.

“The perfect school for my parents would be a school that was across the street from my house. I don’t think my parents want me to go to far from home but if I ended up at a USC, they would still support my decision."
Still seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

We got a mention in the latest Little article, but he still seems farfetched.

Link here.