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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The LA Times reports that Ventura, California QB Lee Mondol is going to play at Michigan:

Lee Mondol, a senior quarterback at Ventura, has committed to Michigan. Mondol led Ventura to an 11-2 record last season and a berth in the Southern Section Division IV final. He threw for 3,172 yards and 35 touchdowns and ran for five other scores.
Points of clarification:
  • He's a 2006 recruit -- not contemporaneous with Mallet, et al.
  • If he's not a walk-on I'll read Drew Sharp.
This guy is probably less the next Drew Henson and more the next Jeff Kastl, but information is forthcoming anyway.

Update: Go figure: there is a freakin' motherload of information on Mondol. Comprehensive season stats? Check. Copious high quality video (and pictures)? Check. Images of him smiting his opponents with eye-lasers? Check. There's also this Scout article. (Bonus note: his profile has "size" in the "areas for improvement" field... good luck with that.)

In sum: walk-on. Unlikely to see the field, even though he seems to have unusually good credentials for a non-scholarship kid. Bler bler bler Griese bler.