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Friday, April 07, 2006

Only the penitent wide receiver shall pass. A previous UV pointed out the sweet AC/BE video up at Braylon Edwards' site. As you likely know, Edwards is endowing a scholarship for the #1 jersey. You probably did not know that receiving the #1 is going to be a trial by ordeal:

"No freshman will be allowed to wear the No. 1," Edwards said. "The number holds too much significance and too much value. There are three criteria to receive it: first, no freshmen; second, the GPA (grade-point average); third, off-the-field conduct."
I assume there's an unspoken fourth requirement for total awesomeness. This takes away a recruiting inducement -- Lloyd would dangle the #1 in front of top WR prospects -- but the prospect of getting passed the #1 after earning it is kind of cool. Also of note:
Edwards, who plays for the Cleveland Browns, has created the largest endowment ever given by a former athlete at U-M.
Good on yer, BE.

We'll miss Friday nights in the Metrodome. Or perhaps we won't. But we're sure that there will no longer be any, as the Minnesota legislature has approved necessary funding for an on-campus, outdoor stadium for Gopher football. Three things of note:
  • It's only 50,000 seats, which seems small for a Big Ten team not named Northwestern or Indiana.
  • In exchange for a piddling $35 million, TCF gets to call the thing "TCF Bank Stadium," which would make it the only stadium in the league whored out to a corporation.
  • It's a good thing that Minnesota president Robert Bruininks doesn't live in MGoBlog's America, where tortured sports metaphors like this...
    He said the House action "gets us to the 50-yard line. Now we're looking to the Senate to get us into the end zone."
    ... are firing-squad offenses.
The stadium is supposed to be ready for the 2009 season.

And in this week's edition of "Video because I can": YouTube brings us what the Syracuse area simply refers to as "The Run," featuring one Mike Hart:

My favorite part is the 150-pound tailback who's like "yeah! yeah! I am so awesome. I sort-of-blocked half a person on a play where Mike Hart schooled each member of the defense twice."

This is your cue to go "mmmmmm... Mike Hart's healthy ankle."