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Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is unverified voracity. MGoBlog is not responsible for any strident assertions made to friends that become terribly embarassing in retrospect. This post will self-destruct in five seconds. That out of the way, it's time to catch up on the murky prognostications of the insiders who pop up from time to time on BuckeyePlanet.

Good News

Resident silverback unionfutura says in one action-packed post he "thinks" that Dionte Allen will commit at camp and has convinced Taurian Washington to commit, and that Michigan "will" get both Ronald Johnson and CA CB Michael Williams. That's in line with the conventional wisdom on Johnson and Allen, but better than expected on Washington and Williams. Washington did just name a top three of UW, MSU, and Michigan that would seem to bode well for Michigan and Williams has repeatedly stated a top two of Michigan and Notre Dame.

UF also expects SC WR Junior Hemingway to be a camp commit and says that IL DT Josh Brent -- who isn't even on the board yet -- is "probably" going to Michigan.

Totally Unclear News

I mention this in the spirit of completeness, but the occasional tips that come my way have been very confused on five star defensive tackle Joseph Barksdale so take this even more lightly than usual. The OSU insiders are very confident on Barksdale. UF said at one point he'd be "shocked" if Barksdale did not go to OSU but is reportedly backing off that statement now that English is taking over Barksdale's recruitment. Overall, a mild grunt of disapproval but it sounds similar to the Boren recruitment of a year ago. Hopefully.

Bad News

It's not like you were actually holding out hope that Alex Legion would recommit, but UF says "UCLA."

Colerain connection H&G says that Eugene Clifford is a "strong OSU lean."

Meanwhile in non-Buckeye land, AP and LA Daily News reporter Scott Wolf has a blog and isn't shy about unverifying some voracity of his own. He says that Marc Tyler is committing to USC. In a second post, he says it's happening today. In the words of one of his "Oaks Christian spies" and in compliance with unofficial all-uncomplimentary-ND-quotes-must-be-replicated MGoBlog policy:

``He's not going to Notre Dame. He said it's boring out there. He wants to be closer to his family. I'm 99 percent certain he will go to USC.''
Wolf also reports that Oaks Christian safety Marshall Jones is only seriously considering Oregon and USC; he then posts a follow-up that says it's USC. Email tipster Mike Kimball says that the Jones and Tyler assertions were published in the Daily News, so you probably want to take them more seriously than the rest of this stuff.

This post is guaranteed to be 75% true. Probably.

Update: Tyler did pick USC, so Wolf's 1/1.