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Friday, June 23, 2006

TSN is even higher on Michigan players and recruits than Red Line was, placing Mitera, Summers, and Lewis in the second half of the first round in both their straight talent evaluation and mock draft.

Mitera checks it a #15 in the talent evaluation and goes to the Canadiens at #16 in the mock draft. Note the contrasting takes from the CSB and ISS:

From NHL Central Scouting - Is a good skater with a smooth strong on his skates and is hard to move off the puck...good backwards skater who pivots well...makes crisp first pass and likes the long pass...effective shot blocker used in all game situations...solid hitter who finishes his checks and always gives an effort.
From ISS - He demonstrated some abilities that would warrant a high ranking and then all of a sudden he vanishes for a period of time. His size and strength are impressive and he does have some skills but urgency and a consistent effort are going to be required for him to fulfill his expectations.
CSB has him #20, but ISS is much harsher on him, ranking him #48.

Summers doesn't sneak into the top ten a la Nystrom like the Red Line mock, but he's still a solid first-rounder to McKenzie (#18). No comments from ISS but CSB says the following:
From NHL Central Scouting - Very good skater with agility, mobility and lateral quickness...has very quick feet and good balance...smooth and sure lateral mobility opens up passing lanes for him to move the puck quickly with confidence...good passer who can hit the open man...good shot from the point...showed value and versatility by playing wing at the end of the season.
He goes nineteenth to the Ducks in the mock.

And finally Trevor Lewis gets some first round hyperation, showing up at #21 on McKenzie's list and coming off the board at #25 in the Mock Draft. CSB on Lewis:
From NHL Central Scouting - Can intimidate the defence by his ability to change direction at top speed...can shoot the puck on the fly, won't hesitate to pull the trigger on the puck...scores big goals, makes big plays as the go-to guy...comes back hard to cover his man and supports his own defence down low in his own zone...good leadership qualities.
I am out for the rest of the day, but fear not. We near July. The NHL and NBA are done. The US is out of the World Cup. Monday we put away all childish leagues, start in with the Big Ten Season Preview, and start screaming "FOOTBALL!" at friend, acquaintance, and total stranger alike.