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Friday, June 16, 2006

As noted, yesterday's Insider(!) post was guaranteed to be 75% true, probably. Unionfutura was kind enough to email some clarifications and corrections to the assertions made in it, as some of them were dated. As follows:

  • Camp commits for Hemingway and Allen are unlikely but decisions will probably come by the end of the summer.
  • He does expect Washington and CA CB Michael Williams to commit at camp.
  • On IL DT Josh Brent:
    I think I'm wrong right now about Brent. All I know he really was happy to get a Michigan offer, plus I wouldn't worry about ND in this recruitment. I think the toughest battle will be with Illinois believe it or not.
  • He agrees with H&G on Clifford being a strong OSU lean.
  • The Legion post was second hand and may not be of the utmost reliability.
Thanks to UF for the email.

A caution: there's a tendency to discount a source when it's wrong even once despite an excellent track record. Try to keep in mind that a 100% strike rate with this stuff is impossible, as situations change all the time.

Update: GBW is also claiming that Taurian Washington's commitment is imminent:
Note: In GBW's opinion, Taurian is the most like [sic] candidate for U-M's seventh-and-next verbal commitment ... keep him in mind during camp week.