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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wooo! Pavel Nedved is microns offside. This nullifies his header and Ghana maintains a 1-0 lead that would greatly benefit the US if it was to hold up. Obviously this is all moot unless the US decides to not suck balls today.

Meanwhile, ABC reports that Clint Dempsey is likely to start in place of Beasley and Alexi Lalas' annoying habit of talking directly to the US players continues: "Kasey Keller, I called you the best keeper in the world, you have to make one world-class save," he says as if it was somehow Keller's fault that Alexi Lalas said something stupid. No word on whether or not Eddie Johnson and John O'Brien will find their way into the lineup.

One... two... three... don't suck balls! Donnnnnn't...... suck balls!