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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Football has picked up a surprising commitment from tight end Steve Watson from Denver, CO, who was not even on the recruiting board. He seems underrated by Rivals -- three stars -- given his offer list, which consists of most of the Pac-10. USC was interested and pursuing, but whether or not they offered is not clear. Scout did give him a fourth star.

Watson is the son of former Denver Broncos receiver Steve Watson, who apparently ordered some sort of Internets blackout on the young man. There isn't much out there save for this rambling post on a Husker board that you are urged to take FWIW:

During the testing I saw coach Gilmore and he said right away, "I got your email!" I had emailed him after the spring game and told him thanks for spending so much time with the boys and that they had raved about NU to their tight end, Steve Watson, (who Coach G said he had as the number one rated TE) and that Steve plans to visit. I told him him and coach Blake about the Notre Dame assistant getting kicked out of Mullen and they cracked up and wanted me to find out which coach it was. laughing During the testing Coach G came over to us to ask if we were familiar with another Colorado athlete from Arvada West HS. Jonny, my husband and I were all like YES! Ryan Hill is a total stud and Jonny has played lots of baseball against his little brother. He wondered what our opinion was about him compared to Watson! Shocked
I said well, Watson is very developed and at velocity every nite and works with the Broncos etc, and that Hill is very raw (not rocket science) but Gilmore said EXACTLY my take and makes me feel like a million bucks! unbelievable!
always inspires confidence in a scouting report.

The bigger picture: I think Martell Webb is still a tight end since Michigan didn't recruit any except maybe Quintin Woods last year. That means that all the in-state TEs (Rooks, Joplin, Weaver) are probably SOL.

In related news, the ESPN150 is out and has been roundly criticized for being horrible in all possible ways. In general I consider offers to be the most credible barometer of a kid's talent, so when there is a vast disagreement between offers for, say, Joseph Barksdale (everyone) and his ranking (not ranked), I revise my estimate of the scouting service's competency more than that of the player. Is Marcelo Balboa doing this list?