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Friday, July 07, 2006

All right: I have been fielding a steady stream of BlogPoll membership inquiries and have put them all off until RIGHT NOW! Feel the excitement!

So: in approximately two weeks the poll's membership will add a selection of blogs that have requested entry and excise those that have gone dark. To apply, send an email to with your blog's URL and school of choice (if the blog does not make it obvious). If you've already sent me an email, your blog should be in a special category of my RSS reader already, but I would re-send it if you're paranoid.

Last year the poll took on anyone who wanted to tolerate the vote-entry interface, but as it's a little more established now the criteria for entry are going to be a bit more strict. The Admissions Committee* will be looking for the following things:

  • An established readership on the order of hundreds of hits a day.
  • An attractive design.
  • 2,000 words of college football content per week during the season -- blockquoting articles doesn't count.
  • Consistent posting during the offseason, though not necessarily as fevered during the season -- some offtopic-icity is fine.
  • Participation in the roundtables and the CFB blogosphere in general.
  • Coverage of teams that currently lack representation.
These aren't requirements -- you can have a template and still get in. Think of it like a point system: you get points for each category and if you edge past the line you're in. The most important thing by far is content, which -- despite what you may have heard -- is still king.

Changes should be finalized by the end of the month.