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Thursday, July 27, 2006

So, right: I board a plane bound for Las Vegas tomorrow. Saturday I play in the WSOP. Woodson willing I will continue on from there.

You and your oversized head are going
I wouldn't expect much (anything) tomorrow. I may relates some first-day impressions as I plan to railbird portions of the first day and get in some live PLO. Saturday I'll update progress and try to capture the overall gist of the thing in the breaks provided me. If I'm still in I'll do likewise until the inevitable bust occurs. Realistically, I'll be happy if I make the second day or bust Bill Simmons. If and when the Simmons bust happens I promise to scream "HA! Where's your Basketball Jesus now?"

Anyone who happens to be in Vegas and wants to get a drink or something, shoot me an email. I could not convince any of my weak-ass friends to come along.

Voracity coming up in an hour or two, then it's plane time.

And, wow, that picture of Simmons is really big. It's very, very big. At least it's very tall compared to its width and thus doesn't push the text down as much as one might expect. This screws with the look of the page and therefore requires additional text that, though it may not say much of anything, does have the benefit of preventing the goofy visage of Simmons from jutting into the post below it. All entirely hypothetical, of course.