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Monday, September 18, 2006

NDNation is the craziest place on the Internet, probably because their moderators treat it like that prison planet from Star Trek... III? V? Whatever. Anyway, I loves me some schadenfreude and you do too. NDNation nukes the board after tough losses to wash away the "whining," but intrepid reporters (me) C&Ped some of the very dumbest thing to show up in the wake of the &*#!ing beat down. They've gone down the memory hole, unfortunately, but I promise you all of these things are real.

If Michigan beats OSU, they're stuck with Lloyd for a while
.... and, uh, probably going to the national championship game.
Charlie is learning that the Big Ten coaches aren't all that bad----and he has been beaten badly now by both Tressel and Carr----and it won't get any better next year---this was the year. Thank God we don't play in the SEC.
...or any other conference.
At least ND and Quinn can now play out the string without the pressure of national title or Heisman trophy aspirations.
Hey, there's something we can all agree on!
Hey, at least we'll still beat Navy.
No Class

I am not familiar with all of Michigan's defensive players, but it looked like they had most if not all of their defensive starters in late in the game. When you're up by 27 points with a minute and a half left in the game and we send in our second string offensive, it seems pretty slimy to leave your starting defense in the game.
We ran up the non-scoring!
As disappointing as this loss is/was/will be, do not forget how Pete Carroll struggled in years 1, 2 and 3.
In year two, Carroll struggled to an 11-2 record and Orange Bowl victory over Iowa. In year three, Carroll struggled his way to national championship.
just got back from the michigan game ....sat behind some Michigan fans who were worshipping Satan throughout the game. Classless.
Wait... worshipping Satan? Like how much worship are we talking about? Did they hold a black mass on an altar of nubile flesh? Or did they just go "HAIL SATAN!" at the beginning of the game, immediately watch Prescott Burgess rumble into the endzone, and quickly figure that one soul seemed a fair trade for a #*&ing BEAT DOWN of Notre Dame?
I want to applaud ND's three opponents on their remarkably clean play to date.

After three games, the players from GaTech, PSU and UM have not held a Notre Dame player once while ND has held ten times.

A special shout-out to UM for only commiting one penalty through three quarters of play today (the one early offsides penalty, a call that can't be ignored by the b10 crew).
Thanks. I would like to give you a "shout-out" for turning the ball over five times.

And this is just... well... desperate:
Who is in charge of our footballs? The way the first one went through Carlson's hands made me wonder. He barely slowed it down before it hit his helmet. It reminded me of a basketball game I played when the first pass to me went through my hands because the ball was so slippery. There were a few passes, even one completion where BQ got the nose down on the ball which usually means the ball is slipping out of your grip as you are throwing. And, of course, the big slip when pulling the ball back that went for a UM touchdown. Brand new balls are slippery. They need to be worked on to remove the slime. Colleges get to provide their own balls don't they? That means we should be able to prepare them so they aren't the least bit slippery.
The best part?
(By the way, if there is a problem here I better not read about it as we don't need to be offering up excuses like that for that game)
Implausible Excuses: The Sequel:
Does anyone know if our pregame routine might have resulted in our boys being tired and exhausted? Did they have tests to take this last week that might have kept them up late?
And, uh, file under "My Eengleesh, Ees No So Good":
Did Michigan get called for holding even once? If not, then game tapes should be sent to the head of the officials and ask them to review them.

This is not a "sour grapes" post.
What is these "grapes" you speaking of?

Finally, a commendation for these intrepid readers:
I couldn't help but notice the "ND Returning to Glory since 1993" shirts worn by some of the more obnoxious Michigan fans. I'm thinking of printing my own shirt for next year in AA: "Michigan Football Tradition: One Shared Title in 60 years".
Update: commenter Chris points out that this post is not truly complete without this: