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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

1. Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech

Q: How do you stop Calvin Johnson?

A: Are you Reggie Ball?

Q: No.

A: Then you can't.

2. Alan Branch, Michigan

What happened to Lamarr? Well, it's like this: Branch is having equal production from a more difficult position to seriously eff up an offense from. In terms of raw, NFL-scout-stunning talent, the 6'6" 330-pound Branch is the winner. In terms of overall impact to date on what's possibly the nation's best defense, Branch is the winner given that he's been getting heavy pass rush despite being double-teamed as a defensive tackle..

He doesn't have the stats, but he does have the talent and impact. He is closer to the platonic ideal of a superstar at his position than anyone save that Johnson kid immediately above, and that's how this ballot rolls.

3. Troy Smith, Ohio State

Does one ridiculous throw offset a crappy day? No. So he goes down a couple spots. It was raining, yes, but most of Smith's throws were well off, and Penn State got wasted by ND a couple weeks ago.

4. Garrett Wolfe, Northern Illinois

Upcoming game versus Iowa will be critical for the little MAC back who could. I saw him shred Michigan last year and Ohio State this year; he's not just running up huge numbers against MAC snackycakes. But he is doing that too... and what numbers!

5. Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma

Obviously super awesome, but I dunno... leaves me cold for some reason. Since I never get to see OU-Texas it will be hard for me to be blown away.