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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Auburn --
4 Florida 1
5 Southern Cal 1
6 Louisville --
7 Louisiana State 4
8 Oregon 8
9 West Virginia --
10 Notre Dame 5
11 Texas 4
12 Clemson 1
13 Georgia Tech 12
14 Tennessee 2
15 Oklahoma 2
16 Cal 2
17 Missouri 6
18 Georgia --
19 Boise State 1
20 Virginia Tech 12
21 Florida State 5
22 Iowa 12
23 Wisconsin 3
24 Rutgers 2
25 Wake Forest 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#19), Michigan State (#21).

  • Some movement based on the action from last week but some based on reconsidering teams to date.
  • Notable re-evaluation: who has Texas beat? They lost decisively to OSU at home and have beaten up on North Texas, Rice, and Sam Houston State. Any and all assertions of their powah are totally without evidence.
  • By that measure, I may want to curtail my enthusiasm about LSU, since their best win is against Arizona. They did stick much closer to the elite team they lost to, though.
  • I'm finally over the Oregon-Oklahoma thing, I guess.
  • ND gets a boost less for a win over a Purdue team seemingly destined for 3-5 in the Big Ten and more for Georgia Tech's pantsing of Virginia Tech. They also benefited from the Texas re-eval.UT, Cal, and OU movement more due to not looking at previous ballots than anything else.
  • Missouri gets a healthy boost. I saw about half of their game versus Colorado and was impressed with Chase Daniels and Tony Temple. Also it seems right to put an undefeated team with a flimsy schedule to date above another undefeated with a similar profile when one handled Colorado comfortably and the other needed divine intervention to win.
  • I give up on Iowa.

Games seen: MSU-Illinois (hur hur hur), enough of UW-Indiana, Michigan-Minnesota, UF-Alabama, portions of Purdue-ND, the second half of Auburn-South Carolina, approximately half of Missouri-Colorado.