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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Free Press is first to the punch, reporting on the weekly Big Ten teleconference:

Michigan wide receiver Mario Manningham will miss the Penn State game, U-M coach Lloyd Carr said Tuesday.

"Mario had arthroscopic surgery this morning and we got great news as far as the injury," Carr said during Tuesday's Big Ten teleconference. "He’ll miss this week but we’re very excited about the news we received."
"Very excited" == no or minor MCL tear, IMO, and a definite return for OSU. Russell Levine of Football Outsiders sends along word that Baseball Prospectus injury maven Will Carroll has been queried about the injury and responded thusly:
"Medial meniscus ... should be fairly simple and given a full month, he'll be 100%. The MCL won't be repaired, tho they'll probably visualize it. I'd guess he'll miss two weeks, but if they can spare that third, he'll be better off."
So, probably no Iowa even in the best case scenario and there's no a chance in hell they rush him back for Northwestern. Probably see him for Ball State and Indiana in tuneup performances. As always, Football Outsiders is teh awesome.

Update: Awesome Scout article from the Penn State site was just posted:

Lions Prep for Mario Manningham

By Mark Brennan
Date: Oct 10, 2006

Despite reports that he will miss this week's contest with a right knee injury, Penn State is preparing for the matchup as if Michigan's game-breaking receiver will play. After buring PSU for a game-winning TD last season, the Lions know just how dangerous Manningham is.
This was posted not ten minutes ago. Hurray, ancient and confused Penn State coaching staff! Don't forget about the omnipresent danger posed by Tyrone Wheatley.