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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Washington Post declares Blogpoll the one true poll. Sure, there's a "'s Dan Steinberg" missing from that sentence, but when someone says "The AP poll should be merged, or maybe taken over, by the BlogPoll," you are officially the Most Important Person at your newspaper. EVERYTHING DAN STEINBERG SAYS IS IMPORTANT! He's the Stephen A. Smith of guys who wear hats with "bog" cards in them!

He may be a supergenius, but Charlie Weis doesn't know what the word "irony" means:

"We had the one game where we really laid an egg, the Michigan game," Weis said, alluding to the five turnovers on two fumbles and three interceptions the Irish ceded to the Wolverines on Sept. 16. "We hardly ever turn the ball over. …

"That, ironically, is the game we lose by a hundred," he added, referring to Notre Dame's 47-21 loss to Michigan.
It's like rain on your wedding day. Also, Braves & Birds tells you what's so eerily familiar about Weis press conferences.

I was going to do this myself, but Stadium and Main has already hammered Joe Paterno for his consistent whining about recruits that went elsewhere:
Why does Paterno think it’s OK to keep blabbing about former recruits, especially when his comments are negative, controversial, or (at best) back-handed compliments?

Memo to JoePa: Stop bringing up sour grapes involving 18-year-old kids. Stop singling out players that don’t play on your team. Mind your own business.
Most recently, he claimed that Chad Henne had "verbally committed" to Penn State, which is not true. The only school Henne ever publicly claimed he was going to was Michigan.

This is especially rich because Penn State's current starting quarterback ditched Pitt on Signing Day and PSU has been relentlessly recruiting players publicly committed to other schools for a few years now. Something like eight players in Penn State's most recent recruiting class verbally committed to somewhere else at one time or another. Penn State's recruiting ethics are amongst the worst in the country and yet their addled old coach keeps taking shots at other schools. That, Charlie Weis, is ironic.

Credit where due: The Penn State Scout board's Michigan-player-lookalike thread is funny.

Etc.: Maize n Brew on 2008 uber-basketball recruit Delvon Roe; Penn State pain in the NYT; this week's MaxwellPundit standings (my ballot, FTR:
  1. Calvin Johnson
  2. Reggie Nelson
  3. Garrett Wolfe
  4. Alan Branch
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); EDSBS eviscerates -- and I mean eviscerates, man, there's viscera everywhere, it's all gooey -- Mike Freeman of CBS Sportsline. Are CBS Sportsline and CSTV racing to acquire as many loons as possible?