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Friday, November 03, 2006

Tomorrow being senior day, MGoBlog presents haiku in commemoration of those graduating. You might want to get a box of kleenex for this. Make it two.

#3, P Ross Ryan
Once I thought you were
Kevin Grady but no more
As you hit harder

#4, CB Darnell Hood
Somebody dug up
Your modeling pictures
In brief: sex miner

#6, LB Prescott Burgess
We're all glad Clarett
Stole your girlfriend, no offense
Because you now kick ass

#9, S Anton Campbell
Hey: kickoff coverage
Is the noble art of speed
Applied to face masks

#15, WR Steve Breaston
A wind through the trees
Line-drive punt tumbling earthward
Who would need a seat?


#17, WR Carl Tabb
'03: Avant out,
Tabb in, converting third downs.
And you're still fast.

#19, S Willis Barringer
What's wrong with your hand?
I mean, I'm seriously:
It's always broken.

#24, RB Jerome Jackson
Many lives pass without
Plunging in overtime endzone
Claiming victory.

#26, RB Alijah Bradley
You're really, really
really, really, really, real-
-ly, really quite short.

#29, CB Leon Hall
Too bad re: Woodson
Otherwise "Best corner since?"
Would be a debate.

#35, TE Brian Thompson
Reach down, snatch the ball
Hidden cog in Braylonfest
So, yeah, thanks for that

#38, ST BJ Opong-Owusu
Hey, did you know this?
BJ Opong-Owusu
An entire line

#38, K Garrett Rivas
Well, compared to
The Brabbs/Neinberg/Finley year
You're more than all right

#40, FB Obi Oluigbo
When you're coming through
Linebackers should know better
And run far away

#45, LB David Harris
On one of these days
You are going to kill someone
I'm okay with that

#50, DE Jeremy Van Alstyne
You've got Barringer's
Hands in your knees, so it's hard
to play much football

#54, C Mark Bihl
I can't think about you
Without seeing a bloody
newborn cow. So... yeah.

#56, DE Lamarr Woodley
If you were to sack
A QB with eye lasers
Only mild surprise here

#61, LS Turner Booth
You're the long snapper
I've never thought about you
Therefore: good job, Booth

#72, OT Rueben Riley
Guard? Tackle? Neither?
Say both, focus on Riley
Does what Lloyd Carr needs

#76, OT Mike Kolodziej
Sorry about the
Whatever it was. So weird.
Enjoy life despite

#89, TE Tyler Ecker
Leaping grabs, missed blocks
You can't have everything
Heal that ankle soon

#91, DE Rondell Biggs
Biggs: the anti-Watson
Arrives: nothing; leaves: starter
By sheer force of will

Have any of your own? Fire away.