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Thursday, November 09, 2006

WTF IS UFR?!?!?!?!? "W" stands for "where" in this instance. Ask damned Comcast. Cable box hasn't worked for two days and that's where the OSU games are. So I'm all calling and stuff. Yes, this stuff does always happen to me. This is much better than last year, when everything evil happened to players on the field. I'll take this. Anyway, UV...

Probably not good when you're Indiana, you're facing Lamarr Woodley, and your starting left tackle is out. Also out is serendipitously-named linebacker Matt Mayberry.

Sure to draw a depressed comment from Matt Glaude, this Syracuse-area column is just tickled pink about Mike Hart's remarkable success at Michigan:

[It] remains our area's ongoing delight to know that Mike Hart, as remarkable a player as there is in the Big Ten, showed up at Michigan from Onondaga Central School.
The incredible prestige. From a recent article on Brady Quinn's Heisman chances from the South Bend Tribune:
Quinn threw three interceptions in the 47-21 loss, fumbled away another ball that was returned for a late Wolverines touchdown, and generally acquitted himself so poorly -- with the help of a porous offensive line -- that a lowlight reel for the game, set to the theme music from the "Benny Hill Show," became an instant smash hit on
"Smash hit" is something of an overstatement -- Brady Quinn for Heisman is no gyrating Argentine -- but it's nice to be recognized.

Note that the above article is penned by momentarily-blackballed Jeff Carroll, who's returned to writing sunnier things in line with the worldview of ND fans. In his article titled "Heisman race all about the politics," no mention is made that if Quinn played for a MAC team -- where he also could have faced an array of the nation's worst pass defenses, beaten Penn State, and lost by 26 to Michigan -- he'd be as prominent in the race as Garrett Wolfe.

Normally, basketball signing day is boring faxes. But not when Tommy Amaker's your coach. Yes, all three recruits signed letters of intent. No one decommitted. Hurrah.

They're back: Vijay and Joey have posted and promise not to not post in the future.

File under "gloriously backhanded." A reader sends in an NRO editorial on Michigan's Prop 2:
Students who struggle in Ann Arbor through no fault of their own (they may have received substandard K–12 education, for example) may be able to thrive in East Lansing, at Michigan State University. Insisting that they belong at the University of Michigan is like telling a football team in the NCAA’s Mid-American Conference that it can play in the Big Ten and expect to compete with the Wolverines, Buckeyes, and Nittany Lions.
Note that this does not constitute endorsement of any viewpoint other than "Michigan State is a backwater for people who can't hack it at Michigan."

Closer still. Bruce Feldman throws out a couple names for the Iowa State coaching search everyone expects to happen this offseason. One name: Jim Harbaugh ($).