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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Achtung! Over the next two days this space will become Orson Swindle Award Bukkake. You have been warned.

The Trev

AKA "Trev Alberts Quits To Do Construction."

FOR: The funniest blog.

RUNNER UP: Hey Jenny Slater, who should feel no shame in coming in second. This is like finishing second to the 2005 USC Trojans Reggie Bush in Heisman voting... um... King Kong. In a banana eating contest. When you're a four-year old girl.

So. HJS threw toasters, started (and finished!) a list of the 50 most loathsome people in college football that somehow omitted Gary Danielson, and generally charted a path through Georgia's near-disastrous 2006 season that was entertaining to follow. Along the way he also posted many pictures of Melissa Theriau. A second-place winner is Doug.

AND THE WINNAH IS: Every Day Should Be Saturday. Everyone who is surprised please raise their hands and apply for a new readin' brain. Various praise from various blogs:
"A no-brainer."
-Orange 44.
"While most would pick Every Day Should be Saturday without even thinking, I had a tough one on this. Orson’s style is pure comedy with maaaybe a minor dash of football analysis. Brian of mgoblog is high on analysis, but he has also caused snorting, giggling and laughing from me in doses not legal in an office environment. Luckily, I no longer work in an office. After some deliberation though this pick has to go to Orson. No other man could possibly compare Sylvester Croom to Unicron."
-Jonathan Tu
(Outrage! Not even nominated!)
"...every blog should be that funny. Orson weaves hilarity and actual college football analysis in a way than nobody can even try to imitate. And that's the nicest thing I'll ever say about a Florida fan."
-Corn From A Jar
"I can't and won't nominate the same guys for everything, I promise, but Orson and Stranko are the gold standard. The Subcommandante Wayne string of posts was/is some of the funniest writing on the web."
-Maize 'n' Brew
-Building The Dam
There's little more to add; this award was a slam dunk the moment it was announced. The voting on this one was an enormous, enormous blowout. It's a shame we couldn't squeeze an Ohio State blog into the nominees so there could be some sort of Not Fiesta joke in here, but Ohio State blogs have dedicated themselves to being very pretty instead.

A winner is Orson.