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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Draft stuffs: Depending on who you listen to, Leon Hall is either doing well or not. Well:

Michigan cornerback Leon Hall displayed smooth ball skills during drills, using their hands rather than trapping the ball.
Michigan CB Leon Hall was also very physical, but appeared a step slow at times breaking on the ball; Hall may have also been a tad over-aggressive as he was beaten on a number of double moves.
Woodley's out with some sort of minor injury, but before he went out he was "violent":
Michigan defensive end Lamarr Woodley had an interesting day, looking violent in pass rush and getting involved with Boston College offensive tackle James Marten in some extra curricular activity after the whistle.
(redundancy sic.) So is that good? Or bad? Or what, exactly?

Both Burgess (arrgh wasted redshirt) and Harris are drawing praise for being good 'n' stuff:
Michigan linebacker Prescott Burgess showed good pursuit upfield against the run and his toughness is notable. Fellow Wolverine David Harris continues to bring the lumber on the interior, and along with Pittsburgh linebacker H.B. Blades, it is daunting to run inside on this group. All are talented players who will help some team at the next level.
David Harris of Michigan looked good at the line versus the run.
Yet elsewhere:
The Michigan duo of MLB David Harris and OLB Prescott Burgess also both did nice jobs getting off blocks.
While Alan Branch is obviously going to go much higher than Harris in the draft, I'll miss the latter more. And it's likely so will the team. Will Johnson had a good year backing up Taylor and Branch; I'm relatively confident he can step into the starting lineup and produce. Middle linebacker is a complete mystery. We've got a JUCO and a redshirt junior whose entire resume is half a game against Iowa two years ago.

MLive has a forum denizen who's either in Mobile or near Mobile or flies out to Mobile to watch senior bowl practices filing reports on various local prospects and trying to find any semblance of hope for the Lions. Awesome exchange with Leon Hall:
I asked him the direct question "What if things worked out so that you somehow landed with the Lions?" He paused on that one for a moment (he's a native Californian) and then he said "If they get me, they get me".
The implied foreboding is wonderful.
Then, apparently after contemplating that possibility, he said "That would allow me to be near Ann Arbor, and that would be pretty great".
And hopefully pave the way for our new recruit "Leroy Hall," a sleeper who you've never seen before. You can't tell because this is the internet, but I just did the "These aren't the droids you're looking for wave." So there you go. Similar sentiment from Harris:
What about playing for the Lions? "That would be great", he says. "I'm from Grand Rapids, (Ottawa Hills HS) and that would permit my family to be in close touch, plus I'd still be near Ann Arbor."
"Dan Harris," jedi wave, awesome 2007 defense pending actual secondary, etc.