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Friday, January 26, 2007

Writing: wall. Helpfully pointed out in the comments, this MLive article contains a definitive hint that this is Lloyd's last year:

Signed by Carr on Dec. 21 of last year, the addendum calls for the school to set up a deferred compensation account worth $300,000 within 15 days of July 1, 2007. Carr will collect his money approximately a year later if he remains employed by Michigan "in any capacity, until July 1, 2008.'' According to the terms of Carr's contract, he will be appointed an associate athletic director at the university and draw his base salary when he retires as coach.

In a prior deferred compensation agreement that went into effect in 2005 and required $300,000 per year to be set aside for two years, Carr must work as "Head Football Coach'' until July 1, 2007 as a condition for receiving that money.
In a vacuum one might interpret this as just bookkeeping as Bill Martin suggests later in the article but, when combined with the multitude of rumors from insiders and outsiders and Carr's weird pre-OSU golf outing with Eli Zaret in which he cryptically declared that he had "come to a decision" about his future but didn't reveal what that decision was, all signs point to 2007 being Carr's final year as Michigan's head coach.

Well, that's horrifying. Genarlow Wilson. In jail on a bizarre technicality in Georgia law specifically repealed because of his case. The repealment is not retroactive, so he's serving a ten-year sentence for getting a hummer from a girl two years younger than him.

Ha ha. A lot of fans are just plain mad at the Martin Four for foisting this decade-long era of obscurity on our basketball program and make no distinctions between the transgressions of Chris Webber, who took money before he ever got to campus and did so with the full expectation that no one would be able to prove anything, and the Taylor/Traylor/Bullock trio who took money on campus from a guy who the program knew was trouble and had been established as a "booster" while there was an NCAA investigation going on. It would still be nice if Webber would say something like "that was a mistake and I wish it had never happened." An apology from Taylor/Traylor/Bullock would be pointless, since it would have no chance of making them anything other than reprehensible in my eyes.

News that Traylor has pled guilty to tax evasion for helping a drug dealer launder money is neither surprising nor unfortunate. It's karma.

Hockey! Ferris is bad and has lost sophomore forward Dan Reidel to academics, making them more bad. Badder. Well, not good, anyway. They're the worst team in the league other than hideously awful BGSU; a sweep is imperative, especially at home.

The other matchup to keep an eye on this weekend is Notre Dame and Miami going at it. A Notre Dame sweep just about locks up the league title. A split and they probably have it salted away anyway. A Miami sweep coupled with a Michigan sweep and the top of the league looks like this:

2Notre Dame2029

With all the games in hand being held by the right teams, that's tighter than a steer's tuckus. So that's what you'd like to have happen.

The Ann Arbor news has also noticed Naurato. WCH helpfully points out an article on 2009 Michigan commit Chris Brown oddly published by the USHL's website. (Odd because Brown is going to play in the NTDP for the next two years, then matriculate, and won't ever step foot on USHL ice if all goes to plan.) The article is slapdash -- there are exlcamation points in the quotes(!) -- but does indicate that Brown is unlikely to defect.

Also, Yost Built links to some St Michael's Buzzers dudes (St. Mike's is Cogliano's old school) that are coming in this weekend on recruiting trips. With Cogliano and incoming recruit Louie Caporusso Michigan is building itself a pipeline to Toronto.

Don't click play.

Etc.: We have a Jimmy King sighting. (Via DBB)