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Friday, February 02, 2007

Much has been made of the Rojo situation over the past few days, and I hesitate to say anything definite. What we do know: there has been some sort of relenting in the Rojo camp and Michigan will/is visiting with him and family in-home. We are not out of it.

Crazy. We were at

for basically a year. Then Fiasco Tuesday:

And now I think there's enough evidence to push us back from the brink and declare a state of careful neutrality:

A major plank in this scaling back from ROJOCON4 to ROJOCON3 is generally reliable Buckeye insider Unionfutura's post today on BP:

the more I hear about this recruitment, the more I think everyone is trying to look out for Ronald the best way he/she can. I think the biggest problem is a lack of communication between all the parties and if Michigan can clear things up in the next few days, it'll be back in the drivers seat. Like I said we shall see. Today's a big day.
So hurray. Hopefully ROJOCON will settle at 1 at some point in the future:

(deeply bizarre emoticons are part of a small expansion of the 2008 recruiting board, which will feature the above as approximate guides to Michigan's chances with particular recruits and will allow some distinctions other than "on board" and "off board." Someone like Jermale Hines would get nefarious red, presumed locks like Boubacar Cissoko green, and guys still narrowing things down a neutral yellow)